H e n r r ry chant

Checking in from Regina where the Henry chant is going to be loud proud and annoying. Seems to be their favourite go to sing along here.
I hope Ken gives the a little dose of Lefevour early to shut the crowd from their annoying hennrrrry hennrrrry all game.

Doesn't seem so bad.. He could probably convince himself they are cheering for him.

Also, is there lots of Ticats fans there?

Maybe the Cat fans can chant "Three" referring to the Roughriders paltry 3 Grey Cups in their one hundred year history :smiley:

Look at it this way, they are worried sick what he will do to their team! So laugh it off as Henry does. He will go out and beat them anyway!

the against him because they wish he was with them. I say the cream of the crop rises to the top. Weve see 3 Hanks this year the bad the good and the great hank. Today hank number 3 shows up

there very few cats fans here and when we had 5000 people at Riderville do it to us -It was annoying.
good news told me by an Argo fan…that everyone outside Regina hates the Riders! as the weekend went on i realized that we will have the rest of the leagues support.
than I walked into Riderville and it was an eye opener! massive hardcore green everywhere at a scale much larger than I imagined!!
i could feel the pressure there on the Riders though- we,ve got nothing to lose!