Guys, what is happening to those Riders?

Rider fans, I mean wow. Outscored 99-9 in the last 3 games with no TDs. I mean that has got to be demoralizing to the team.

The Riders have got some great play makers like Fantuz, Getzlaf, Dressler but what is going on with that team? I mean, this is ridiculous for a pro football team. Durant seems to be a reasonably capable QB. The team hasn't a lot of wins but the Riders blew away Winnipeg.....twice! And beat Montreal! Those are not marshmallow teams. What has changed? I know the coaching staff has changed and Fantuz has just returned. But man alive. Surely there were not that many personnel changes since the last couple of years when Saskatchewan made it to both Grey Cup Games. There's got to be something going on. Today was not a blow out but it was certainly almost a shut out. 60 minutes of football and they only get a single point? 3 hours of football and they only get 9 points to the opposition's almost 100 points.

Rider fans are much closer to the pulse of the Riders than I am given that I'm in B.C. so I'd like to hear from some Rider fans as to what your take is on what has happened to the Riders. Man I feel for the fans.

TAMAN! That is all. Good luck to your Lions.

The other teams in the league have improved while the Riders have stayed the same/deteriorated. The Riders have failed to bring in a player to even match half of what Stevie Baggs and John Chick were a few seasons back. In the secondary we lost Omar Morgan and Eddie Davis and replaced those two with young players with alot of inexperiance. Offensively losing Bagg at the start of the season and having Fantuz for 2 games and a quarter this season has meant that Durant and his recievers just havent clicked this season like they have in the past. Add to that an aging Wes Cates and an offensive line that hasnt showed up to play in a couple of weeks now and you got a 4 and 10 football team.

Meanwhile teams like the BC Lions saw they were struggling early on. Their recievers werent catching passes. What do they do? Go out and trade for a top 5 reciever in the CFL in Arland Bruce. They then bring in Tad Kornegay to help in the secondary and hit a 7 game winning streak.

it's difficult to truly explain but they have failed to make the necessary improvements in certain areas.

Offensive Line has become sub par. Defensive Line is not good enough. Linebackers aren't good enough..

and their Secondary needs improvement.

they also need a New Running back. I have been a supporter of Cates right up till tonight, you could see that he just didn't have it!

Durant is still our future but you can't exactly do anything when your O-Line won't protect you, like look how easy it was for the Esks defense to get to our QB and our RB when we ran the ball!!??

Dinwiddie is not going to be here much longer, sorry but you can't do the things that he did.. no excuses.

We are getting older and slowing down.

Taman needs to go, he has definitely ruined this team after Tillman left.

Taman killed the Bombers, then he went to Regina. His work there is now pretty much done, so I guess Calgary must be next. :twisted:

Interesting comments guys. Thanks. I saw the game against Saskatchewan and my goodness. If it was difficult watching it here in B.C. it must have been very painful for the Roughie fans not to mention the players who were at the game. The thing is Sask only lost by 16 points but they just could not get any traction when they needed it. It was open season on Dinwiddie. Durant was not on his game. I've seen this guy play and he can make things happen when he's on his game. I really think the back to back thrashings Saskatchewan took at the hands of Calgary and B.C. got into the players' heads. On any other day I think Durant could have completed that final pass to Fantuz with ease. That's just one example. I think Saskatchewan is a better team that the fans are seeing.

The tough part is that Saskatchewan still has 4 games remaining. It could make for a very long season should Hamilton win just one more of its game. But I guess the players will continue to play their hardest because that is what Saskatchewan is like.

It will be interesting to see what happens when the Lions roll into town. Though the Lions have already won the series, Saskatchewan usually seems to be up for the Lions except of course for their last meeting.

It’s the Rough Rider curse

Saskatchewan made it a condition of allowing Ottawa a franchise that they refrain from using their old name

Such hubris and selfishness doesn’t go un-rewarded

As good an explanation as any for how “the mighty have fallen”

“Karma, karma, karma comedian”


I don't think you could find a single rider fan defending their play at all this season - they stink badly. However spiking the ball on their dead carcass belongs in the open forums and not in their own sandbox.... Karma indeed :wink:

And the song is "Karma Chameleon".

If you are going to mock, at least do it right.

Alas, Bauer is in charge there and would never hire him again.

Yes and trolling this same comment is getting really old. Who gives a rats ass about this naming issue. I don't understand why you even bring it up in a discussion that has nothing to with That topic.

Totally agree. Time for him to go home, if that crud is all he is bringing to the plate.