Guys....some help would be appreciated

jm02 has provided a possible explanation why my private messages are getting hung up in my outbox. He believes they end up there until the recipient opens them and then they go out of the outbox and into my sent folder.

If anyone is reading this would you post and I'll send you a quick private message. If you open it right away and jm02 is correct then problem solved. This should help me figure out what is wrong.

I got your message backer@oldclarke. I immediately answered it. Did you get mine?

Yup, everything is working on my end.

jm02 may be right. I sent you another. It seems to be working fine with you. I'd like to try it with a couple of other guys. jm02 is not around otherwise I'd send her one too.

Thanks @oldclarke

...I have it on good authority that jm02 is, in fact, a she... :wink:

Yup, this is the way it works. Threw me for a loop until I learned how it worked.

Problem solved everyone. Thanks for the input and the help. A big thank you to jm02 who explained what the problem was! :thup:

…it was the ‘she’ part right?

Yep! Women will always be smarter than men. The fact that guys haven't realized that yet over all these millennia just proves that
even more! :rockin:

Alice Cooper has;
Man got his take his seed. :cowboy:

actually, it was no problem :wink: