Guys, some help please

In the event that B.C. loses to Edmonton, the Lions can still make the playoffs by way of the cross over if there is a tie between Hamilton and Winnipeg or if Hamilton wins.

B.C. of course is in if they win tonight.

But what if B.C. and Edmonton tie? Would that not mean the Lions are in regardless of what happens tomorrow with 17 points? In fact, would it not mean Edmonton is in as well? The Lions take 3rd spot in the West because they won their series against Edmonton. Edmonton takes the cross-over because they end up with 17 points. If Winnipeg wins they end up with only 16 points. If Hamilton wins they end up with 18 points good enough for 2nd place. 3rd place via the cross-over goes to Edmonton.

Please correct me if I'm wrong..

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bcedm tie, or wpg losstie mean crossover, otherwise

WPG win and no tie in BC means no crossover.