Guys, it was a nice try by BC Lions.

They lost by 4 points.. They were playing the best team in the CFL in Montreal, I say of how there season has been going before this, they were not playing so well, but they beat the best team in the CFL in Vancouver, and then lose by 4 points in Montreal? I say BC Lions held up a good fight, even though they couldn't capitalize on all there opportunities or stop some Montreal plays, like that last upsetting play when Montreal got a TD in the last minute.. But, that was Montreal, best team in league, once they play like SSK, Toronto, Winnipeg, Calgary and so on, I think they will win. Nice try Lions.

I enjoyed watching that, too bad about the final score of course. Its always a good game when we play Montreal. Ah well, I guess Wally will get his record at home next saturday.

Impressive performance by big BC underdog against the best team in CFL. BC might be the closest team in beat Montreal at home this season. CFL officials are overrated in their effect on games because teams mostly determine outcomes.