Guys in Stripe were Major Players

I loved to pay good money to watch the guys in stripes throwing flags, making frequent calls and marching the ball up and down the field. The heck with exciting throws, runs and catches. Way to many penalties in this game for my liking. Many deserved because of poor execution by both teams but too many soft questionable calls. DB's need some leeway in coverage especially on screen plays when they are fighting off blocks. When a guy recovers his own fumble he needs to be tackled. The game is not touch football. This game was not worth the price of admission. It looked like a training camp for execution, refs just too prominent and the weather sucked.

I would agree with you on the Argo game, that game the Ticats were the better team, but all the close calls went to the Argos. Yesterday the Ticats sucked and deserved to lose, the officiating wasn't great, but it didn't decide the game like the game vs the Argos.

No, the calls didn't decide the game, but they didn't make it any easier for the cats either. When JJ hit the EDM player who recovered his fumble, that was not a penalty. When the Ticat's player tackled the EDM player and dragged him into the bench during the tackle, THAT was not a penalty (the flag was like 5 seconds late!)