Guys/gals....your thoughts

Western Semi Final: Roughriders in Calgary. Any thoughts on the final outcome? I've no idea how I'd call this one. Does one team have an edge over the other in some way? Healthier? Better receiving corp? Tate/Glenn against Durant/Willy? Is this significant?

Eastern Semi-Final: Edmonton in Toronto. I think Toronto will take Edmonton and will do it in convincing fashion but I may be wrong. I think Toronto is the stronger team at this point in the season.

with a healthy Nik and Cornish, I give the edge to Calgary.

OOPS…sorry…didn’t realize similar threads had already been started. I’ll try and get this thread removed. :frowning:

Riders been whipping ass in Calgary playoff games for a while.

Stamps are the hottest team in the league in the second half. Put that together with the Stamps 7-2 home record and 7-3 in the west against the Riders 3-5 road record and 4-5 in the west and it all spells a Stamps victory. Stamps also have the season series.

Argos are done like dinner. Next week we get the #1 unit back which brings with it a lack of red zone production, fumbles, dropped passes, undisciplined drive killing penalties and the worst home record in the league. Edmonton will win their 3rd in a row against the boat people this season.

who do you actually cheer for???

So just because I’m an Argos fan I have to lose all objectivity? By your logic I should pick the Argos to go 18-0 and win the Grey Cup. Why would I ever pick my team to lose? Maybe because I can cheer for my team while recognizing that they’re the worst team in the league in the red zone, have the worst home record and have a nasty habit of taking dumb penalties at the worst time. :roll:

I’ll be picking the Argos to lose any playoff game they play this year and will be happy to be wrong every time.

nothing wrong with objectivity, but you have been more anti argo this yr than any argo hating ticat fan.

How many games has Calgary won on the last play this year?

Also, on a side note, I will be at this game

well, so much for the riders chances then :stuck_out_tongue:

I have been thoroughly disappointed in the job Milanovich has done and the lack of improvement in the offense from the beginning of the season. I was thrilled when I first heard the news we conned Edmonton out of Ray. First season with a solid #1 since Allen, but Milanovich has not put an offense around him. Far too many good performances by Ray this season have been wasted.

And I may have the Ti-Cat fan beat (although I doubt it because I know how much I can hate the Cats), but Area 51 has me beat in the Argo negativity by a mile. :wink: