Guy posts about T.O. sports team on Ti-Cat forum; humour / chaos ensues

I have hijacked and locked this thread to use it as a pre-season educational tool :wink: on forum etiquette.

It all started with this:

"is there any Toronto Raptors fans on this forums?" :o

That is an atom bomb of a post: an error in grammar (typo anyone?) and love for a T.O. sports team?! Cue the wrath, right?

But no, the first responses were actually perfect, friendly referrals to the "other sports team" section of the CFL Forum,

Then, we have the inevitable grammar police show up, sarcasm blazing,

from there, incredibly (but maybe not so) it becomes a Johnny Manziel thread,

and of course we can't talk about Johnny without mentioning what Masoli did in high school (In fairness I don't think we have a thread for that),

More talk about the Raptors and then back to Johnny.

Any who - With my moderator hat on - I have to say it was the funniest thread I have read in a while.

We will be screaming our lungs out at THF before you know it so if you are a regular here, or brand new, please take a pre-season minute to review the new forum rules.

Finally, when it comes to grammar (I am no expert) but I will try to make obvious corrections like changing "is" to "are" which as a mod you have the privilege of being able to do.

It is preserved below for your enjoyment below.

All the best and Oskee Wee Wee!


There may be, but it's a Ticats forum and this isn't the place to be talking basketball.

Try here.

Its fine to have a thread among buddies in the CFL off season

Are there a forum somewhere else you could use?

Thanks for the guidance there Teddy . The "innernet" certainly proves regularly that English may be a slowly decaying language. The subject title certainly proves that point . ::slight_smile:

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

DJ !!! My man !!! How ya doing ? We were just talking about you . Where have you been lately ? :wink:

Here ya go buddy....

Special just for you can just call him little Johnny "B-Ball" ;DHell , If he plays football as well as he plays basketball ? Well then what can I tell ya ? ;DSLAM DUNK , BABY !!!


Did you know that Masoli earned first team all state basketball honours as a point guard as well as the QB for his highschool before being recruited by the Oregon Ducks as their QB. :wink:

Amen to that! A lost art....

B Ball don’t come on here trolling for fans get Your own forum buddy ! Jump on your hogtown bandwagon ! Somewhere else not here !

Their sure am. After the Ticats it's the Raps.


Ditto! (And it looks like the Raps will soon have my full attention into May with the Leafs apparently about to go down.)

Word on the street is Johnny M asked to be on a pee wee team down at the rec to try to get back into shape. He felt running around playing bball with a bunch of 10 year olds would get him in shape and build his confidence. Surprisingly enough they let him... but he was quickly benched and only allowed to play the league minimum in minutes.