Gunna be ugly on Friday night in Montreal.....

Prepare for the worst loss this season by the Riders. Montreal is pissed that they lost a few weeks back and still looking for blood.

Besides Durant will start, will stink, and Jyles will come in around the start of the 2nd half and stink just as bad. When is coaching staff going to wake up?

For all those of you who think I am not a Rider fan, think again. I was born and raised in Saskatchewan, attended close to 70 games over the years, been there for the 72 Grey Cup loss to the Ticats (although foggy memories only), have imbedded in my head the Tony Gabriel catch in 76, can still see Joe Faraghelli along the sidelines, watched the JJ Barnagel show, riveted to screen in 89 for Ridgeways kick, remembered the hype around Joe 747 Adams, remembered Dave Albright scooping up the fumble in 97, and most recently the win in 07. I have always been a Rider fan, I remember growing up in small town Sask not being able to watch the games because of the blackouts, listening to them on the radio on the front step.

So don't go speculating that I am not a Rider fan, I find that is insulting. I am only expressing my opinion as a Rider fan. Like it or leave it.

want a medal? who cares

hehehe. You may be a Rider fan, but you are one of the lousiest whiniest ones I've seen if you are. However, since you want to feed your ego and have people respond, here's my response.................. I haven't seen much from you that would indicate you are interested in doing anything other than making people angry. Hopefully whatever has happened in life to make you this sour can be changed for the better some day.

crap.. even I think that the Riders have a shot! I honestly believe that the Riders would have to have a complete game to win!

Whether the game will, or will not be ugly on Friday, in Montreal, we need to remember that the game is played ON THE FIELD, not in the papers, blogs, etc. We can speculate till the cows come home, but until the game is played, we'll find out then.

I think you need an attitude adjustment Mr. Terminator. I refer you to GCUP89's halftime speech #3.

We have seen flashes of how good this team can be. 22 unanswered points against Edmonton in the first half. 23 unanswered points against Hamilton in the first half. If this team ever puts it together for a full 60 minutes I think they will be unbeatable. Is Friday the day they are going to do it? I have a hunch that it is. So much so that I took the Riders to win in the pool this week. RIDE 'M' ROUGH !

And also remember. . . in every game the Riders play, there's another team on the field, and they get paid to play the game as well.

Sometimes, when your team loses, it is not because your team played badly at all. . . just that the other team played better.

Maybe giving credit to the other side sometimes is preferable to ragging on your own team.

I have met some pessimistic Rider fans but wow. There is no way you are a Rider fan because if you were you would show support for the team even if you don't always agree with their decisions. I am not saying you have to like everything they do but you don't even want them to win you want them to lose so you can gloat.

PS Are you Graham Harrells agent is seems like you want him to get in there so bad you must have a stake in him making it.

I think your wrong on this one, Riders play tough in Montreal, and i thnk they will play a good game and just might come out with a win, it won't be a blow out.

Although I don't expect the Riders to win against the Als, I think that they will show up to this game and give the Als all that they can handle. In the end it could be the upset of the week.

We should lock this guy and the one who says Harrell has no arm in a thread together and see what happens…


And at 6.15:1, I'm gonna play the riders to win on proline for sure.

I'm surprised that's your attitude after the last game-probably the most complete game of the season on all sides of the ball, especially on offense (which actually produced all of the points except the safety, unlike some of the other wins where we had to count on defense and spec teams to score a number of points). If that one punt isn't blocked we win even more convincingly against a pretty good team. Montreal is obviously the class of the league at the moment but they put their pants on one leg at a time too and hopefully the team can build on Sunday's success. GO RIDERS!!!

Best post of the year Madjack. This year has been more good than bad and the Riders are tied for 1st place. Before this year they had a real good season in 2008 and a great season in 2007. But some of us out here will never be happy. Always looking at what's wrong the Riders not what is good about them. The glass is always half empty with some people.

I was happy with how our defence played last game all said. It looked pretty ugly in the 3rd but even then our defence was able to hold Hamilton to field goals and that was when they were usually playing with a 40 yard field to begin with. Our offense may have been asleep for that one quarter or it may have been the wind and a wet ball or it might have been something else, but if we can keep on track on defence like we did last week and have been doing our appropriate film study then I think we do stand a decent chance again the Als. Don’t get me wrong, mind, we still have a huge uphill battle and it will take more then just wellwishing to win this game but the opportunity will be there. We just have to do everything to capitalize on it.

Why so down on your own team? As an Als fan, I'm only giving my team an edge because we're playing at home, where we're fairly hard to beat, and because you're missing a few key guys like Fantuz due to injury. As I remember the first Montreal-Sask game, it was very close until the fourth quarter and we only got our first two majors because of uncharacteristic breakdowns in Rider coverage (quick change caught you out of position on the Carter TD, blown coverage on the Watkins TD). Until the Watkins TD, it was anybody's game.

I expect a dogfight tonight.

They had storms and tornados in Ontario yesterday. Hope those storms are not in Montreal today.

Riders are gonna win, point finale. I have many "adversaries" out here in eastern Québec who need a lesson on who rules the CFL and the Riders will be the teachers!!!

They didn't win but where never out of it. Would have liked to have seen a win but happy they played more of the game, but still that 3rd flat line is becoming a huge issue.