Gulp they Choke!

Wow Stegal is god! Great win to bad Eskies!

both games tonight were just awesome! Wouldn't you agree?

WINNIPEG WON!!!!!!!!!!!!! :thup:

Say again?

Thread of the century!!

:lol: :lol:

Your right!



Hahaha thats great we deserved that one...

WINNIPEG WON ! STEGALL a T.D. on the final play of the game.

I think that this Canadian game is worth fighting for! :thup: :thup:


Nah, Bombers didn't deserve this one. Too many whiffed plays. Garbage win, but you take what you can get.


Esks D coordinator deserves to be fired... with 100 yards to go,send the house and leave minimal coverage downfield so that you chancve a one on one. Esks coaches got themselves.

the counter here is what did edmonton do to deserve to win?

Did you see Maciocia's face? Wow, what an ending.

JUST WIN , BABY! :lol:

its not over till its over!


holy sh*t am I happy!

that was a gut it out win period good on yea Bombers

Well they did have the coverage but they ran into each other! But hey those are the breaks! Those dam refs were terrible tonight! :lol: :lol: :lol:

wow what a game, good thing i didnt bench stegall this week, 250 yards! both games tonight were amazing, not a bomber fan, but ill give them major props tonight, nice win bombers!

Fucking speechless....

2 UNBELIEVIBLE CFL games in a row!

MONTREAL vs. HAMILTON and this one.

It just doesn't get any better [ except for the play offs ]