Guitar Hero

Haven't played it, but sounds like a good idea to get kids out and interested in the team. Guitar hero on the jumbo tron.

Anyone else heard anything from their teams on promotions yet ?

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BTW, what do you think of Browns arms and Chucks legs ?

Well piggy my son has a group playing that and they are called the “Bleach Boys”

Do they have "Dueling Banjos"?

hmmmmm no! Bamjos are outlawed in the province of Alberta. :lol:

Since its a Bomber promotion, I wonder when the entire city of Winnipeg moved to Alberta... :?

No banjos sambo, the stadium only holds 27,000 and they don't want Rider fans at the event. :wink:

Show me a single photograph or vid. clip depicting an actual Rider fan(not some Bomber impostor dressed up like a Sask farmer) playing a real banjo. Manitoba is great, Bomber fans for the most part are even better, but you've really held onto this so long that its not even slightly smile provoking. I know you are an Als fan but, for everyones sake, find a new joke. Vous comprende?


I always thought Piggy was a Bombers fan... was I wrong?


You can call me pea head, moron, dip stick, dork, etc., but when you call me an Als fan.......the gloves come off. :twisted: [/b]

:lol: :lol: Do not worry Piggy Kel gets confused very easily. We all know your a Stamp fan.

Thats right, I remember you sending Piggy and Papa Stamps jersey's! :lol: :lol:

Serenity now!!!

So it’s not true that the cast of Deliverance were all residents of Climax, SK?

Twas a joke.