Guide to Building a Team

I didn't think some of this would ever need to be said, but over my years of fandom, I have learned, sadly, all of this DOES need to be said to at least one person on the forum (not always they same person)

  1. A player signing with another team isn't a failure on the part of Ticat management. To strike a deal, it takes two people. It might not be a case of they missed the talent evaluation. Or were cheap. The player has as much right to choose where he plays as the team has in who they want on their team. It's a two-way street with a lot of traffic and crosswalks. Don't assume because a player signed somewhere else that the Ticats weren't interested.

  2. There is a salary cap. A team cannot and should not go out and sign every all-star that is available. It is unrealistic to expect a team to get every big name that is out there.

  3. If the team decides not to pursue a player in free-agency and they sign elsewhere, it is not a failure of evaluating talent. Every team in the league is built with the cast-offs of other teams. If it was a failure in evaluating talent, every team in the league is unable to do it.

  4. If the Ticats do sign a player from another team, it isn't scraping the bottom of the barrel to find players. Bad teams have good players. Good teams have bad players. Signing a player from Edmonton doesn't mean the player is crap because he most recently played on a crappy team. Signing a player from Winnipeg doesn't mean he is a good player because he played on the best team in the league last season

  5. The draft is a crap shoot. A guess at best. Every team in every sport in every league drafts people who do not amount to anything. Even number #1. Even a dead guy.


Maybe this will finally be the year when Ticats completely forget to sign any players at all. Coaches show up to training camp, blow the whistle, and it’s just the water boy and training staff.


I have to say the draft is a crap shoot if you do not invest in the necessary due diligence.

Less of a crap shoot if you do.
Especially your 1st overall should be a player that will be able to contribute year 1.


Luxury tax. A team is free to spend as much salary as they want to if they:

A. Can afford to.
B. Want to pay the tax.


The Cap does go up by $160K for 2023

Having the least number of FA's and the Cap going up is probably a good thing

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a $3,555 raise per player if allocated equally...Romaine lettuce for all Ticats!!!


At today's prices? As if...

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What was the better trade?

:us: Griner for the :ru: Russian Arms dealer
:canada: OL Beard for :canada: OL Jesse Gibbon

  1. Why do other teams "Toronto" have a knack for signing and evaluating high level talent?

Pinball is the answer.

We have O instead.


I'll take Pinball for a thousand Alex.


Pinball is an Argo . He bleeds Oxford and Cambridge Blue . Our colours are predominantly black and gold . This is the Tiger - Cat Forum is it not ? Who cares what the Argos do ?


I don't think it is a coincidence that Jim Barker was involved with the Tiger-Cats the year we went 15-3. He has a knack for finding good talent. We should have figured out a way to keep him around in some capacity. Whatever they were paying Creehan, Hervey or Khari could have went to Barker and we would have been much better off. Both in talent and coaching.


Barker would have made a good VP of Football Operations seeing as he has experience in.... Football Operations.


IF Pinball picks up T. White you will.

Half the people on here wanted Tim-meh out of town this time last year


Well this one is not even close...

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Half the people on here told half the people on here not to panic after free agency, the OLine and kicking game would be fine. Domagala was a work in progress and will improve, and looked forward to big signings like Alden Darby and JR Tavai.

Half the people that weren't sold on this team coming out of camp were called names.

Half the people on here are basically always wrong no matter the discussion.

Now, let's talk Condell.


Half the people want Condell fired
The other half haven't voted yet.


It's much better to panic before free agency, less stressful