Guest Coaches @ Argo Camp

Jeff Cummins
Tim Prinsen
Dave Hack

All 3 Ti-Cat alumni now banned from Ivor Wynne Stadium.

Make that a lifetime ban.

Dave, how could you??

Hopefully Beetlejuice won't say that the team was cheap and didn't offer them enough money to guest-coach. Something about not spending enough money to keep talent...

Dont interupt me while I am talking to management please.

Maybe they're spies lol either that or they were hit and the head one to many times and forgot they never played for the blue team.

Lol if they weren't hit in the head enough, they will be if they keep coaching the blue team. :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

I spotted Danny McManus at camp this morning! He was wearing a TiCat windshirt and seemed to be working with the QBs...

anyone know what his title is? Guest Coach? Consultant? Interested Alumni?

... sorry! I saw him at our camp at McMaster! It's been a long, wet day! Went to the afternoon Argo camp too!

They had to be bussed over to the Hershey Centre as their normal field was in bad shape!

Our facilities kick a$$! Theirs need improvement... maybe a move to Varsity Stadium?????

As reported at, Dave Hack is a guest coach at the Argos training camp. Bringing a wealth of knowledge to the O-line.

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What gives Dave? Talk about turning to the dark side....

Danny is a guest coach.

Perhaps we could put this spin on it…

The blue team respect the Tiger Cats so much that they decided to bring in 3 former Cats, as they know that any player we have or had in the past, is better than any player that they have had. :wink:

Look, Sazio went over to the dark side...that was unfathomable, but....$$$$ talked. LOL

It's less of a shock today than when I was following the team as a kid. I'm optimistic that our team will be far more competitive on a regular basis and really make the rivalry heat up again!

Oski Wee Wee,

Yes, but what goes around comes around I guess. They get Mr. Sazio to save their franchise.

We get Mr. O'Billovich to save ours.

Oh yeah ... Miles Gorrell is part of that group as a Player Personnel guy for the Argos.

Screw you Miles.

Ouch. You do realize their are former blue teamers that come to our side right?

Charlie invited Dave to Guest Coach
at Ticat Traing Camp last year

[or accepted Dave's request to Guest Coach ]

and he is not here this year...

Let's hope that it is because

they have John Salavantis
to help coach the O-linemen

D mac should be our full time QB coach or is he still doing the TV gig?

I have no problem with former Ticat players who go and coach other teams. Football is in their blood and they shouldn't have to give the game up simply because their playing days are over.

They love the game and have the right to accept other opportunities as they occur.