Guest Coaches Announced

[url=] ... ining-camp[/url]. Hopefully we don't let Leon Lett teach the Defensive Linemen how to carry a football.

Wouldn't at all be surprised if there is more public and media attention this year at camp due to the presence of the multi superbowl champ Leon Lett. The power of the NFL is strong even for someone retired.

Lots of people around here who wouldnt cross the street to see a CFL game but go and gawk at a real life Dallas Cowboy ? ? Forget about it.

Nice to camp ready to go
Thrill about black and Gold GameDay Being held in Burlington This year :thup: :smiley:

Good point. But on the other hand, recovering a blocked field goal is a good thing in this league.

Many of those sorts are impressed with material things like money and American fame. Not the most novel thinkers in our Canadian society I would say. I'm just so happy that while I'm not the brightest wick in the world, I do have the ability like us on this site to see value on it's own merit and this is where we know the CFL shines. We value Canadian tradition, culture and history and know this helps us understand ourselves more as what we are - proud Canadians. That being said, I can also appreciate things like the NFL for what it brings to the table and other American products.

ya I just Tweeted about Lett and Being pick up by a few people already

This probably has more effect with the players at camp rather than the fans. The fans who cross many streets to support the Tiger Cats don't care if a retired NFL player hangs around Mac or not.

Now Leon Lett will not be attending Training Camp because of personal matters. That sucks, I was looking forward to having a three time super-bowl champion give our Defensive Linemen some tips.

too bad.. :thdn: Would love to meet him

Mr. Lett has now arrived at McMaster for the Ticats training camp.