Guesses for rookie of the year in 2006

I dont start too many posts here but here is one for everone's consideration. Who do you think will be in the running for rookie of the year?

For the Riders i think Andy Fantuz has been having a good season. At least when Danny Barrett decided to start playing him.

Let the discussion begin.

Does Joe Smith qualify as a rookie? I think that if it weren't for Joffrey Reynolds getting 90% of the touches, Wes Cates would be getting strong consideration. Fantuz, maybe Adam Braidwood in Edmonton ... I have to say, though, that I'm not very good at following rookies.

Andy Fantuz is a good player but has only played a few games late in the season. I think you would have to look at a player that has played all year do you not think?

Chip Cox or Etienne Boulay in Montreal should some votes.

Luca Congi is a lock to get the Rider nomination.
And even if he wasn't, while Fantuz has become a huge fan favourire, for my money he is also behind Clovis and Johnson.
Fantuz will be a star, but has only been a partime player most of the year, and I think he only has about 22 catches.

It is hard to follow the rookies in the rest of the league.
Isn't the middle linebacker in BC a rookie?
If he is, he should definately get some consideration. Maybe even win it.

Cates, in Calgary has the same problem as Fantuz--not enough playing time.
Braidwood, I suppose for Edmonton.
In Winnipeg, someone on that defence must be a rookie, and playing well.

In TO, Does Ricky Williams qualify?

Overall, Luca might have a shot.

Looked up Glatt–he is out.
Joe Smith should qualify though, and might have a shot.

Arius sorry to tell you but Cates played all season both on offense and special teams.

No, no, no, you guys are all wrong! Two words: AARON HUNT.

Who is Arrow Bunt?

You have a point there.

Yes, Aaron Hunt might be the guy from BC.
And unlike Cates, he was a STARTER.....

Cates has what, 20+ carries and a handful of receptions?
Fantuz played special teams all year.
Guys don't get named rookie of the year because they were successful back-ups on special teams.

If Cates wins rookie of the year, I think you could have spent your cash more wisely fixing a play-off game....
I'll take your word that he will be the rookie out of Calgary though.

i htink Luca COngi

It looks like J.R. Ruffin is eligible.
I'll pick him from Calgary.
He actually might have a shot at representing the west.
Don't you have a couple of young 'backers as well?

Aaron Hunt hands down Rookie of the Year. No contest.

But he ain't as good as big brother!

Reggie’s really good, but you can’t deny that Aaron has made a huge impact on the Lions D this year. Ritchie is in heaven with this guy.

I'm not disagreeing with you on that point...just plugging big brother!
Anyway, I can't think of a better choice at the moment from the Lions, so I will concur with that selection.
Do you have his stats? They didn't come up on the CFL website.
I have Ruffin coming from Calgary. Not real sure how good a DB he has been (not as good as Johnson would be my bet), but he has pretty decent return yardage, which will draw some attention.

Luca's punting will likely be his downfall.
If he was just the fieldgoal kicker, he'd win. Kinda doesn't make sense, but I think that is how the voters will see it.

So I'll make Hunt my favourite...for now...

'Nuff said.

I will look them up for you, but I believe has has 9 (or 10) sacks, as well as a bunch of rushes and pass knockdowns. Everytime I watch a Lions game on TV the announcers are ranting and raving about Hunt.

As well all know, Buono is tough on his players. However, Buono has said some great things about Hunt and how he is unreal as a rookie.

who should be nominated IMO

BC- Joe Smith
Calgary- Wes Cates
Edmonton- Adam Braidwood
Sask- Andy Fantuz
Winnipeg- Robert Bean
Hamilton-don't know any rookies
Toronto-don't know any rookies
Montreal- Chip Cox

Andy Fantuz hasn't played enough to get the nod out of Saskatchewan. Yes he's good (great??), but my guess would be that Luca Congi or Tristan Clovis comes out of Saskatchewan as the Riders' Rookie of the Year.....but neither will come out as the West rep.....