Guess Who's Coming To Town? Me!

Not that anyone really cares! hahaha...

But I am making the trek from Sunny Petawawa to Beautiful Hamilton tomorrow!

My summer leave is basically booked for family so this is probably the only game I'll be able to attend this year (though I am going to TRY to attend more). I am so jealous of the people who live in Hamilton!

If anyone wants to say "hello" I'll be wearing a new-style jersey with an old(er) name on it!

#53 Montford (yeah baby!)

Feel free to say "hi" or yell "you jerk"

ps - The name is Ryan.

As soon as you get to your seat just do the Terrel Owens thing and keep shouting "its me" over and over. haha


I'll do the Ron Burghandy (spelling?)...

"Do you know who I am?"

And I'm jealous of those with the nads to join the service, tell ya what if I run into you (and I'll be looking) there's a beer in it from me. I'll be in my gold jersey with mesh back cap with old style tiger cats written on front.

Wish I could be there. Hope you enjoy the game

I’m also coming to town but unfortunately I won’t get there in time for the Bombers game. But I do plan on taking three of my kids to the BC game on the 31st. I can’t wait to go to a Ticat game where I’ll be surrounded by Ticat fans and not Bomber fans. It’s been rough going to Canad Inns these past 6 years as a Ticat fan.

Have a great game and thanks for making the sacrifices that you do so we can enjoy the best things in life like watching Hamilton tear Mike Kelly a new one!!!

I'll be there too! Looking forward to drinking a few Pepsis with cool fans before the game and hopefully cheering the Ti-Cats to a win.

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