Guess whos back

Back again

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Glad to see Andy back in Green and White; He's excited about it and just another weapon for Durrant to use. :thup:

And do not forget about Jamie Boreham
I always like him

... Is Jamie really back? He was one of my favorite riders a few years back
Don't tease

he is

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Thanks Billy...I re-read the artical

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jusd a footnote at the bottom. Too bad, Johnson is top notch, but Jamie plays in a style that potentially can revelutionize the punting position if they cut the strings! Just remember...head up, eye on the outside belt loop when tackling!~!!!!!!!!!!

So what's this mean for Milo? I thought he did a fantastic job punting in the LDC.

I would assume Milo would be relogated to the pr

Boreham is great news also. Are Congi and Koch also added for this week.?

Should be. They cleared medicals and are off nine game

Honestly, IMHO I do not think Andy's heart is here anymore. I hope I am wrong, but time shall tell. Regardless I'd like to get him on a contract with the Riders.

talking to someone somewhat in the know it sounds like Andy might play out his option then take another NFL crack.

Would not surprise me at all. His heart/effort will be with the Riders this season, and he’s here to produce and win a Cup. But he likely thinks he didn’t get a fair shake this year with lockout, short camp, etc…and will play out his option for another NFL attempt next year.

I agree, but to be 28 and a rookie in the NFL...27 was a push! I can not see him getting a serious shot next season at all. It is really unfortunate timing for him, just as you state, but I don't think a lot of NFL clubs are even going to look at a 28 year old. It takes a season or 2 to become integrated, and a 32 year old receiver in the NFL is considered old. the really gives him 2-3 years of realistic production. I just don't see an NFL team doing that.

he won't get any looks from the NFL this upcoming off season. he didn't make it at 27, he won't make it at 28.

Yes, the age is huge, but this year i think it was more about the no mini camps thing. 27 i think is the borderline…that gives 5-6 years of pinnacle years…4 just ain’t enough though.