Guess who's back? Shady's back. Nah, nah... (Johnny Manziel joins FCF League)

Johnny Football hooking himself up to another failed football league, eh. Will he ever learn?

Manziel hasn't played for the team in 2 years...

Johnny must be low in the bank account of things otherwise he should change careers be be successful

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Johnny Manziel will be selling game programs by the next game. Along with getting fired from that, and then selling beers in the stadium. He'll probably fumble a couple of 2 - 4's but whose counting. Lol.

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Let's hope he doesn't get his coconut making pulp. I don't think he has too many brain cells left to spare.

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I’m not following what’s so funny. Some seem rather obsessed with Manziel and what he does in his life.

He played for the Alouettes two years ago, maybe time to move on ?


He's still very much part of the Alouettes current situation. The team won't draft in the first rounds again this spring because of this deal.

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Fan Controlled Football

I could see some fan saying: "Johnny, chug a beer and scramble until you puke"

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