guess whos back in black

thats rgiht jonta woodard singed and then they releases that sciullo guybt check teh transaction to see for yourself

that is soooooooo 24 hours ago......


he'll be back for the next home game (hopefully Hill will be as well)

If he is here now start him on Saturday. Why wait? He can not possibly do worse then the rest of his team has so far this season.

Woodard has to serve a suspension first before he can play, if we get Hill back he'll play.

Yeah, saw the suspension part about Jonta after I posted.....doh!!!

what suspension? was it from the last game of last season where he got thrown out? :slight_smile:

He was suspened the second last game I believe, for throwing a hotdog at a fan..He got 2 games, he served one already.

8) How could he throw Craig Yeast at a fan ???????? :wink: