Guess what

For the last 3 yrs I have been sick which has caused my body to deteriorate.

I am 56, been athetically inactive the last 20 yrs. Eighty pounds of pure fat overweight.

Cant do a half a push up and get winded if I talk too fast

Got all kinds of leg muscle problems

and YET, I am considering trying out for the rider Defense cause I am sure they would then be twice as good as they are now

:lol: Oh man.

ok, starting work on my resume now.

Make sure you wear orange during the try out :smiley:


mpdid it = :expressionless:

gold jerry gold


Nice. :smiley:

Excellent, you missed the watermelon on his head... if he really wants to play for the Riders :roll:

Really running with the watermelon thing, eh?

Be kind to the Rind!

If only you knew the power of the watermelon… everyone would wear one. I’ll stop now, hopefully.

not bad, heads a little too big but..not bad :cowboy:

and you forgot to put 22 on my shirt somewhere.

Lol that is hilarious :lol:

Do you need an agent?

Don't know about wearing one but, I am enjoying a watermelon daiquiri right now :smiley:

naah, I am agent free. :slight_smile:

I'm on the Blue Bomber fan support list at the moment and/or for the time being FYB. I'll be back just in time for the game next week, so in the meantime for Edmonton; Target: B.C. Lions