Guess the Score.

So this is just for bragging rights, but I'm curious how bullish we are for Monday's match-up. You are welcome to chose the Argos to come out on top (be nice Ticat fans), although you'll be wrong of course.

For all the trials and tribulations the Ticats have been through the last few years, the Argos have not had it any easier, with tough scheduling due to Rogers being difficult landlords at Skydome (to put it mildly), questions over their practice facilities, and evolving ownership. Yet for all that the Argos are the second best team in the East.

I'm expecting another very close game like last year's opener, but slightly higher scoring.

Ticats 33 Argos 32.

you are not giving our defence enough credit sir! :x

i'll go with 33-22

Ticats win 24- 14.
Defence should shut down Harris and the "whining Hawaiian" :smiley:

My prediction:
Argos 23
Tiger-Cats 27

My 4 year old son's prediction:
Agros 3
Tiger-Cats 100

See you Monday!

Cats 35
Argos 19

it'll be low scoring and pretty much even in the first half until the TiCats pull away in the 3rd quarter.

Ticats 40

Argos 27

that's the best one! I'm going with that too

I'm going with Ticats 30, Argos 27

Go Ticats!!

Argonauts - 25
Hamilton - 19


After some discussion, 51 0f 56 individuals that are in the Lounge tonight offer the following:

TiCats 35
3TD/EP 21
1TD/EP 8
2 FG 6

Argos 28
2 TD/EP 14
1 TD/EP 8
2 FG 6

2 men and 3 women believe the Argos will win.
I'm sure there will further discussion(s) while watching the CFL game tonight!

:thup: :thup: :thup:

Us: 37
Them: 24
Referees: 53 flags...

Cats 28 Argos 13

I sure hope not - the flags that is!!

I’m going 28 to 17 for our beloved Cats. This will include a punt return TD for Speedy B

argos should be wiped out by now. then again, argos should not be 3-1 at this point.

if the argos can still play their best game, it will go either way by less than a td. probably in favour of ticats

otherwise, a ticat blowout.

He was actually pretty close:
Argos 6
Ticats 50

Ticats 33
Argos 20

Oskee Wee Wee!

36-12 TiCats And I agree with a Banks return!

12-0 Cats, 4 FGs from Medlock for all of our scoring :thup: