Guess the score contest

Unofficial CFL Guess The Score
Multiple teaming guesses
Season Games: Week One
Game One: Fri. June 28 - BC Lions vs. Toronto Alloutes 6:30 P.M. EST,
Winnipeg Blue Bombers vs. Edmonton Eskimos 9:30 P.M. EST

(10 POINTS): Which team wins?
(5 POINTS): Predict Torontos score:

(5 POINTS): Predict Montreals score:
*Predict same score, get an extra 4 points
**Touchdown differental will be –7 points
***Field Goal differental will be –3

(2 POINTS) Which team scores the first touchdown?

(3 POINTS) Predict number of turnover by Montreal:

(3 Points) Predict number of turnovers by Toronto:

(4 POINTS) Predict number of yards lost due to a penalty to Montreal and Toronto:

(2 POINTS) Who got the first penalty?

(3 POINTS) Which type of penalty was it?

(1 POINT) Was the winning point a field goal?

(1 POINT) Was the winning point a touchdown?

(2 POINTS) When was the winning touchdown scored?

(2 POINTS) MVP of the game:

               *47 total points

    ****What it means by multiple teaming guesses is that you must choose your predictions for the teams playing on game day****[/center]

i hope some or a lot of you sign up for this

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It might not be the extent of your setup, but it's similar.

Maybe we should go with Kanga's contest on who will get the most points each week..

Will that include the action point, sambo? :wink:

c'mon....there was nothing wrong with Kangas' contest idea.....i was a little leary of his plan for a CFL Alaska franchise ...but hey....he certainly was innovative in his thinking.... :lol: :lol:

I agree his thinking is definitely outside of the box--too far. There was little interest in it, so its not worth the effort to try it again.