Guess the Fate of Als Training Camp QB's

Guess the fate of these Quarterbacks who will be at the Als training camp. More specificially, how will the Als classify these quarterbacks come Game 1 of the Regular Season. Bonus points for those who get the depth chart correctly. Somehow, I get the feeling nobody's prediction will be 100% accurate.


Vernon Adams
Tajh Boyd
Brandon Bridge
Rakeem Cato
Jonathan Crompton
Kevin Glenn
Jake Medlock


Active Roster
6-Game Injured List
1-Game Injured List

Here how I see the fate of the actual Als QB's:

Vernon Adams Active roster
Tajh Boyd Released
Brandon Bridge 6-game injured list
Rakeem Cato Active roster
Jonathan Crompton 6- game injured list
Kevin Glenn Active roster
Jake Medlock Released and then added to practice roster


This is a great thread..
1 Glenn
2 Bridge
3 Adams
Kato traded
Crompton AFL

  • Glenn dropped as starter after 4-5 games
  • Cato takes over starters job, is injured after 3 games
  • Adams comes in by mid season, ROY candidate by years end
  • Bridge moves to #2 spot
  • Boyd released
  • Crompton released (no bites on attempt to trade)
  • Medlock released

by mid-season; Adams #1, Bridge #2, Glenn #3, Cato 6-gamed

I think it should be Bridge but it will most likely be Cato and Adams now

IF Adams can do short yardage, I can totally see Bridge getting stashed away on the 6-game. If he can't, who's going to do the QB sneaks? Cato, who's about 170 lbs. soaking wet? Glenn, the 5'11" 37-year-old?

It's all going to depend on what happens in camp and the pre-season but if they all perform to their potential it's going to be:
Glen, Cato, Adams. Bridge - Crompton will be traded either to Sask, Toronto or Calgary. The other two guys were brought in to throw balls around in camp and get some real life experience