Guess the Argos Attendance for the East Final

The east final is approaching fast at BMO .

I am thinking optimistic with

22 k for the game

with the upper deck opened up .

is that number way too much or not big enough ..

What's your guess ?


(Sarcasm, btw)

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I don't blame you it looked like that a few games ... and I am not being sarcastic I felt like I could count them if given the chance

The Ticketmaster map looks promising but has fooled me so many times in misjudging crowds .... with the blue dots .

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Last year paid attendance for the EF was announced around 21000 with lots of Hamilton fans there. Argos averaged something like 11000 a game this year so I’m going with 14367. Though I’m sure they’ll paper the house and announce a higher number.

What do we win for a correct guess? A lime green 1976 AMC Gremlin?


AMC Gremlin would be dangerous

I'm thinking a K car or more like a

a green dress .

but not a real green dress that would be cruel .


The way ticket master looks could be 22,000 I say 20,000

Not much in Toronto for winning teams lately

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The capacity without that upper deck open I believe is 19,596 .

That should be within reach .




A full house minus Aunt Becky


“Good morning, Argos ticket office. How may I help you?”

“What time does the game start?”

“What time can you get here?”

:drum: Ba-DUM-ba-chhhh :drum:


I thought you said guess the Argos attendance for the East Final , not for the entire season .

Anyways for what it's worth my prediction is around 12,000 tops .
Unfortunately for the Argos attendance wise speaking the wrong team won the ESF .

If the Cats would've been playing in the EF then the attendance would've been closer to your above quoted prediction of approx . 19,596 or maybe even more .

I highly doubt that the Alouettes have that many fans willing to travel to Toronto as the Cats would've had for the big game on Sunday .


For what it's worth, this is what ticketmaster is showing as available from those 19,596.

Screenshot 2022-11-08 07.46.57

But we've been fooled by ticketmaster before.

At least Gary Stern is making an effort on Twitter to get more fans out:


Even if the Argos sell 20,000 there will be a financial loss to the league and the playoff pool monies as a result of the game being played in Toronto, which occurs only because of the two division system.

Forgetting about the first round for a minute and assuming that Montreal and Toronto would have advanced, Toronto should be playing in BC and Montreal in Winnipeg. BC would have at least 30,000 at the game, thereby bringing more money into the playoff pool.

This is a perfect example of the financial harm (in addition to the harm to competitive integrity) caused by the current geographically based playoff system.



More effort from the Als to get fans out to BMO:

Btw, Section 120 is one of those that ticketmaster shows as being sold out. Likely, they're just reserved for the Als and will be opened later in the week if they don't sell.

so did the Argos/MLSE raise the ticket prices for this game?

Yes I noticed they are playing the usual ticket master game where it looks like tickets are unavailable and if you are thinking of going better buy some ...

then changes to more seats available overnight .

They hold many back .


I think they'd be better off trying to sell Als fans (and all fans, really) tickets on the east side first, since that's what'll be seen on TV.