Guess the Als record after the next 5 games

The Als had better get it in gear. They play Toronto twice, Sask. once in Regina, and B.C. twice in the next 5.... before they come to us in Moncton. (In fact, they only have the 'Peg and Edmonton once more each to the end of the season so their schedule doesn't ease up).

What do you think the Als record will be when they meet us next? I'm wondering if 3 and 8 will be the total (one win against BC) with us at 5 and 6 (2 wins against Winnipeg and a lucky win against BC).

and why would we want to guess the Als record for the next 5 games? I think you probably meant to post on the Als board?
But if I was to make a guess 5 - 0?

I like this post been to long since they have felt our pain I say 1 n 4 their and calvillos time has come. And popp is poop as a head coach

1-4 would be my guess.



As the Rock would say....IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT THE AL'S RECORD IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As long as it's worse than ours,it will suit me just fine!!! :rockin: :rockin:

Thanks again, Mikem. One might suppose that seeing the record of the perennial #1 team in the East falling below that of the 'Cats might be of passing interest- especially if the idea of a “home” playoff game is credible.

I’m not convinced that Popp is the answer for the Als and it’s interesting to speculate if the vets can stabilize the team on their own.

The Als not only have to face some good teams, but also some very good and experienced coaching staffs. I doubt Popp and his group will match up well or out duel those that he will face over the 5 games.

I don't give them any great possibilities.

3-2 because AC will get the offensive schemes he is used to, back, especially after that latest disaster. However, only one win will be convincing, the others too close for comfort.

These Als are definitely aging & on the downside of great.