Guess Argo's Last Game Attendance?

After today’s on game fiasco with a poor crowd of 14,224 all bet’s are off.
How low can we go for the last game against the Riders?
There may be more Riders fans in the stands.
I have seasons and will attend, but my guess let’s say will be an all time low at BMO of 11,654.
Hopefully this will be a wake up call with the management team to finally clean house of the GM, HC and the entire staff.
Should have been fired after first letting Collaros go, then for sure after doing the same thing with Harris.
This has put the franchise back several years both on and off the field.

Losing Collaros was clearly the reason the Argos had 15 thousand at the game today. good call

Securing Eddy Haskell, Jr. (Willy) obviously had the intended effect! lol

He is not saying losing Collaros was the reason for 14,000.

He is talking about bad decisions that have lead the Argos to be a bad football team, that has hurt the fan base.

The end is probably near for Milly (Scott M.) and/or Frank Cannon, Jr. (Colonel Barker)

It was a stupid game time today. 4pm local time on Thanksgiving Monday while people are having dinners with their families.

I'll say 15,222. Rider fans juice it up a little and they can't be eliminated prior to gametime since Edmonton has a bye. But the Leafs host a game right after (7pm) and the Jays will play an away game. I can't imagine many more fans than that.

No it wasn't. It was scheduled at 4pm, so people could have dinner with their families on Saturday or Sunday night, and still go to the game Monday afternoon.

Nothing like sitting in the sunshine... :thup:

Riders are already eliminated.

This looks about right !!! this could also be what the Grey Cup will look like if they don't start selling a few tickets. :thdn: :oops:

argos should do what their owner tenants do the soccer team. give tix away and entice the real fans to keep coming back. most ppl who go to tfc games arent soccer fans and get freebies. but they do not do it for the argos. doesnt make sense. and i mean 5k or more. not 100 or 200 tix.

the other thing is toronto is not a real major city. most fans of their teams are floaters. ppl need to stop comparing toronto to say new york or los angeles. those are real cities. toronto is like a destination blob on the map that people drive thru and those who are suckers actually live downtown or close to it. and pay stupid high prices for a crappy lifestyle.

Yeah - sure. :roll:

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Are you really that dumb? Where are you from?

Clearly they dropped the ball this year, the team also sucks.

Honestly when I started hearing who the Argos have been letting go like Harris. That pretty much killed anyone buying season tickets, they needed to let Ricky Ray go I bet it would've made a huge difference if they at least kept both somehow in the cap.

I just remember going oh man, and then they let Chad Owens go. Sorry but you can't let recognizable faces go especially when your team is going to suck anyways.

And those Argos commercials with that dude in it I forget the guys name now with all that tatty's, they need to keep that guy as far away from commercials as possible as he looked about the most try-hard guy I've ever seen and it looked really weak. I felt embarrassed watching them.

You know me i'm not generally negative but those were thoughts that were in my mind before the Argos season started but was hoping would be nothing, but in the end it was EVERYTHING

I think you missed his point Pat, he is saying the lifestyle is good there by saying the people are just paying for lifestyle in Toronto.

And its true the fans there and like here in Vancouver, most of the people didn't even grow up here and most of the people that did grow up here are also bandwagoners too. Only watch the Canucks if there good same stuff here as Toronto.

I'm actually a bit worried about the Lions this is the first time a good Lions team has had low attendance. People are floating over to other teams now its Seahawks and Jays. People don't even care about anything else around here for the moment. That will change tho, it used to be Avalanche, Red Wings and Yankees too

I'll say above 20,000 :thup:

Collaros aka Mr. Glass : Injured yet again.

Harris: Benched again for an older more experienced / better QB.

I'm shocked after the way Harris played in BC he looked phenomenal. Burris can still light it up but he is benefiting from a tonne of exp.

Point I was making the Argos got rid of most of its identity, Ricky Rays been mr.Glass too for awhile now.

The year would look a whole lot different if Ray was healthy. Just his experience alone would have been good for three more wins.

I said it on the argo fans site last winter that the new ownership group thought that BMO would be enough to bring people flocking to games. I said that they should have started marketing right from day one. Pretty much got told that I was wrong at every mention. It was the rose coloured glasses site. I still read some posts since my ban and the same old same old kool aid drinkers think everything will be fine.

There is years of work to do in order to fill that tiny new stadium. Wait until it gets cold and rainy. No better place then along the shores of Lake Ontario during a cold, windy, rainy day fall day to watch a game. Red seats will be in attendance.

You do realize (as far the cold, windy, rainy thing goes) that this Sat. is their last home game and it is supposed to be very nice .
Maybe you are referring to, going forward, in future years , not sure though.

Blue Jays game on Saturday is 4:00 start, same as Argos. Leafs home opener is at 7:00. I'm going with 8,763 for Argo attendance.