Guess All Us CFL and Hockey FAns Are Old and Grey?

I'm getting kind of tired of reading and hearing from the pro NFL groups in the media and from Rogers stooges how the CFL fan base is made up of mainly older people who have nothing to do in their retirement but watch the CFL.

Now I'm hearing the same thing about hockey beleive it or not. That the fans base is older, and that the "minorities" won't watch. And how basketball and soccer will soon overtake hockey as our top sport? Huh?

But of course when it comes to the NBA and NFL, the fan base is young and hip and really with it. Because if you follow those sports, you automatically become cool. Its the in thing to do man.

Frankly I don't understand why people write these things, when it ain't true. Sure the CFL has older fans, but it has fans of all ages. And there's more of them in all age groups then the NBA and NFL. And bseball.

Just more cheap shots from the cheap hacks in the media I guess. But it makes me wonder why they write these things when the facts don't back them up?

Xenophobes looking to blame minorities for something that won't get them labeled as xenophobes.

Then stop. :wink:

CRF, berezin should change his name to "chicken little99"... in his world it seems that the sky is always falling...

Those hacks are suffering from xenomania - the love of things foreign. I knocked a block off Marty Dork yesterday for his continued crticism of the CFL. People like that should just move south... :cowboy: