Guelph Ticats?

With the team playing most (all?) of their home games in Guelph, will the team be selling merchandise labelled Guelph Ticats? I know that technically they are still the Hamilton Ticats, but I think it would be good marketing to take advantage of their away season this upcoming year.

In fact, as the team is trying to become a more regional entity, wouldn't it be smart to look into selling Burlington, St. Catharines, etc. Ticat branded merchandise, perhaps just as a test? I think this might be a glorious opportunity to spread the fan base regionally.


Golden Horsheoe opportunity! Not just regionaly but if they could play a game in Quebec and again in Atlantic Canada, as well as a game in the States!! theses games would help promote the CFL as a whole as well as promoting the TigerCats regionally.

ah, no.

you thought there was huge backlash regarding stadium discussions, that would be all-out war.

Yea and maybe the Bills should call themselves the Toronto Bills when they play there?
Good marketing?

I know one thing, I'll be wearing my Ticats coat with a Guelph cap or toque walking around west Hamilton like the wife and me were doing today on the Hamilton to Brantford trail starting from Chedoke golf course out to Fortinos in w Hamilton and back, and getting some strange looks. F....n love it. Wait till I wear the Guelph stuff. :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

But no, I don't think the Cats should offically market anything to do with Guelph next year. And honestly to twisted or odd people and folk like me, they don't need to. :stuck_out_tongue:

That would be walking a fine line. Perhaps coming to a compromise. As they are still Hamilton's team removing the name Hamilton all together from merchandise may not work but adding the name of where they are playing could be a great Merchandise Idea.
For Example:

Right now the odds are that out of the 1 pre season game and 9 regular season games 7 will be in Guelph, one at Rogers Centre on Labor Day, and one in Moncton for the TD Atlantic. That is 9 games with just one, TD Atlantic so far out of the Hamilton region. One Away game at Rogers gives people from Hamilton another game in which they could attend that would be as close as possible. so that is back up to 9 of the Tiger cat games as close to Hamilton as possible.
I think that Hamilton and Toronto will play each other three times in the schedule rotation if two of the three are schduled to be in Toronto that will give the People of Hamilton 10 games in which they could attend being as close as possible to Hamilton, even if two are away games.
This would leave the Ti Cats one last game to be creative with scheduling. To me Quebec City at Laval vs Montreal would be a possibility. One game at TD Waterhouse in London may be a better location for that 10th game. TD Waterhouse already have the seating necessary to expand TD Waterhouse to 16,000 as part of there set up much like Moncton already has 10,000 tempoary seats so in both places their would not be any cost to purchase extra seating like at Guelph but simply pay for the the removing the temp seats from storage and put them up. London's 8,000 temp seats are put in pace leaving the end zone area to the right of the home side still open to put up the VIP tents much like Winnipeg did for those who where expecting the new stadium would be up for the suites.

The final sight could be a long shot for a summer game at UB Stadium in Buffalo. Already a capacity of 30,000 so no temp seats needed as well as a 400 meter track enabling the CFL field dimensions to fit in the stadium laysing more turf extendint the endzone much like in Moncton.

The Griffiths Stadium Idea with the riders as their opponent is out of the Mix as the TS Atlantic Game the CFL wants to feature the Riders as Hamilton's Opponent. Plus The extra seats needing to be brought in would cost as they are not already part of the regular expansion of seats like in Moncton and London.

I don't have a passport so anything in the US with the Cats is a no-go for me.

Can't wait for the Marauders to crap out and then they'll be looking for people from Hamilton to buy tickets for their games in their stadium there. Sorry, not ever going to happen from this guy I can tell ya. Obviously McMaster doesn't care about my sorts, and that's fine, that is their choice afterall. I'll be writing a cheque as well soon to contribute to the Guelph research facility of some sort. Ok, it won't be a big cheque, but whatever amount it is, it won't be going to McMaster, ever. They lost me.

Yes I doubt anything at UB stadium would be out with the schedule coming out in a month. That would have been something that would have been needed to be done before last season. It is shocking enough that they actually waited to the last minute after the season to make anything official. They knew this was coming i guess they just suspected that MAC would say yes and that would be that. Boy how wrong they were.
Guelph will also be a better facility for training camp. they have an Indoor football/soccer prctice facility, first class. Also in the winter they will be putting up a full filed size bubble at their stadium next winter if the Cats were looking for a place for off season workouts.

They advertize the games in T.O as “Your Buffalo Bills” :oops:

All of the advances mankind (and womankind for that matter) have come at the risk of someone being ridiculed to suggest something, which accepted wisdom says is not a good idea. My idea might suck, but at least I am not afraid to throw it out there. Who knows? Perhaps it might be a TD rather than an INT. (It might even spark the creative juices of a marketing expert with the Cats to come up with a workable idea).

You can't blame me for trying. It does show that I bleed Black and Gold and hope for nothing but the best for my team. :rockin:


i'm not necessarily critical over the idea. just the thought of this organization doing any more damage to its existing fan base would be foolish. (now if the dispute with the city over location and $ hadn't gotten so nasty, maybe a different story)


Hell.No.They're already getting all of our home games, that to me seems like pretty good exposure.

Lots of exposure. The deal involves Guelph to keep their football logo on the 55 and two commercial spots for there University each game.
I like having a happy median as I said with Merchandise at the stadium to include:


Whether the Ti Cats take advantage of this or the Guelph University book store it should generate some good sales while being respectful at the same time.

same for TD Atlantic



For London


Branding the Hamilton name in the regions they are focusing on

Or just rename the team the Southwestern Ontario TigerCats. :wink: That is doubly good since in many peoples minds in SW Ont, as the only image they have of this city, Hamilton doesn't exactly conjure up an perception of beauty and white collarness. :wink:

Not sure that would flush with Hamilton. That could be something we could see 20 years from now if a team in London or Windsor were to ever come to be a realization.

London and Windsor are fine with the Knights and Spits as "Canadiana" and for football the Mustangs and NCAA and NFL. They don't need or want the CFL as I see it which is why London has what they have in TD Waterhouse, a stadium that is less CFLish than what JLC or Budweiser whatever it is called now is NHLish.

Bottom line, London is less of a CFL city today than it ever was IMHO. London if they ever want pro something is AHL I would say and Windsor, well, who the heck cares.

London made a big mistake IMHO opinion putting too much into JLC Budweiser, they still can't hold a World Juniors there, too small for Canada for the World Juniors. TD Waterhouse should have been made better and just a bit less JLC. London is caught in the middle of nowhere I see it and as I say, who cares about Windsor.

Hamilton should demolish Copps and sell to developers and then figure out where hockey figures in this city because right now I have no idea.

Thinking about this again, I think a city like London should have looked as Regina as the optimal model of how to deal with entertainment in sports. Come to think of it. Well, I suppose Hamilton could be in the same boat albeit the NHL was supposed to come here pronto with Copps. That was a joke as well all know. Sad.

At least Hamilton didn't screw up with the Cats and CFL, one screwup with hockey was enough I guess. :wink: