Guelph stadium question?

[i]Johnny is heading to Hammy town for the next Ticats home game. Johnny is worried about that Guelph stadium.

Does the stadium have actual toilets, or just outhouses?

Are the seats made out of wood or aluminum, or does Johnny have to bring a lawn chair?

Is it BYOTP (bring your own toilet paper)?


if u been to iws ull be fine in guelph its only a few hours

fully equiped porta potties

Ya it Porta potty city not that bad tho may suck if gets colder next few games

Don't forget your gluebag Johnny

Be warned Johnny - there is NO COFFEE service at the stadium. And you are not allowed to bring coffee in, not even TH

There are toilets unless you're an Als fan in which case you will have to find a bush or gas station.

Special!!!!!!Just for you JOHNNY!!!!!!!'s the third tree on the left!!!!

Love the pictures, Bobo…especially the running toilet!!!

Thanks for starting the holiday weekend with a good chuckle…

When it rains, its a portobathtub :lol:

Aluminum seats in the stands on the east side of the stadium. Not sure about the west side. Kinda cramped but not too bad. You gotta stand up to let people walk down your row.

Typical porta johns. Not sure about toilet paper but they do offer lovely smelling hand sanitizer. On the east side, the porta johns to the north are less busy than the porta johns to the south of the stands.

Be prepard to walk a mile from the parking lot if you do not have prepaid parking permits. Have Johnny’s dad drop him off at the stadium before parking. Car traffic around the stadium ain’t too bad.

Its the Fan train...

Serious question -- how are the food concessions? It's a 4:30 start so gonna have to buy some food -- any decent food options available?



:thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup:

Food concessions are very good , its the lineups that are the problem , food trucks on the west side are quality , of course you have to pay premium prices but what the heck if the food is good . There is also Pizza Pizza , which is good and very reasonable . You won't have a problem , just time it right.

Not really sure what a Hamiltonian would have against Kansas....that toilet seems to be an LSU toilet.

Actually that is a missouri tigers logo. The jayhawhs are probably their biggest rival

Actually upon further review,you can see the Jayhawks logo in the base of the bowl!!!!

just use your imagination and envision it as the Alouette logo instead!!! :wink: :lol:

BIRDS OF A FEATHER!!!!! :slight_smile: :lol: :rockin:

Will they add seats for any of the playoff games? I can see that they could put people by the grass areas in the end zone don't know if they will do it!

They need to add 10,000 seats and hope they sell out. The team must be down $4.5 Million from last year. Assuming 23,000 attendance last year at an average of $50 a ticket and down to around 12,000 this year at Guelph that's a huge loss that Bob is absorbing.
Maybe they should think about getting the RC as a home playoff game site, they are guaranteed at least the 12,000 Guelph Ticat fans and hopefully more, plus 10,000 or so Argo fans.