Guelph or T.O.

With Toronto beating Winnipeg today and extending their lead in the CFL East to four points again, it’s probably going to end up with Toronto winning the East with three games remaining for the Cats, two now remaining for the Argo’s, anything is possible in the remaining games for both teams but either way it’s still a win, win situation for the Cats as far as playing the playoffs close to home.

A home game in Guelph for the Semi Final and with a win onto the the Eastern Final in Toronto both about the same distance from Hamilton and if Tiger-Cat fans can pack 13,000 into Guelph they can easily pack more into the Roger’s Centre in Toronto for the final and especially with the added availability of transit in the GTA for Tiger-Cat Fans.

It would be nice to complete the season on a winning note in the remaining games and Win the East but even second place is still a win considering where the teams will play both close to home.

EAT EM RAW TIGER-CATS Tomorrow in Montreal!

i think there would be less Argo fans in Gueph than TO.. might be less of a home game... just saying.

I pretty much figured that first place was a long shot because it depended on the Argos losing at least one of their three remaining games (2 after todays win). The Bombers did give them a run for their money and have a chance to go at them again next week at the RC where they haven't always played well this season so well see. I won't be holding my breath! Second place assumes that we win at least one of our two games against Montreal so that we have the season series regardless of how many games they win - but I do predict at least TWO losses for the Larks - both to the Ticats of course. Going to be exciting games coming down to the wire! :thup:

It's hard to see the year end standings as being anything other than:


I think the Cats will take out the Als making it an Argo-Cats eastern final. Should be great. :slight_smile:

An Argo-Cat fan

We can make it a home game in the Dome. COME ON TICAT NATION,lets turn the dome into a home game with 20000 or so in black and yellow!!!

think about how many Mac fans made it out to last years Vanier Cup.

If indeed it ddows come down to that where Hamilton wins eastern Semi in Guelph and then enters into the East finals in in Toronto against the home Argos if the Hamilton Ti Cat organization where to coordinate ticket sales with their Season Ticket holders and other fans havign 20K at RC should be a given for the team. Should really be more. When was the last ime that Hamilton was Able to play an Eastern Final at a venue that was very close to its actual stadium and within the region where their fans are.
After a season of no home games at their regular field and not enough tickets for all season ticket holders at Guelph, some who want to go some who don't. Some who it is easier to go to RC for away games vs Argos, Some who do not like to go to games at RC.
It is the eastern final and it is very close to where you live There should be as many Ti Cat fans at an eastern final at RC as there are at a Labor Day game.
Its the Eastern Final! vs your hated rival, with a trio to the Grey Cup on the line, Where the avg fan will be unable to go


........yes and the RC is closer and easier to get to than U of Guelph and can accommodate more Ticat fans. Direct highway to the RC, regular train service, regular bus service lots to do before and after the game, dry and warm if the weather is cold and rainy/snowy.

Mikem you really need to look at a map before you post..
I'll give you theres more transportation option but closer?

If you get in a car and drive it (not in rush hour) I guarantee you will get to the RC faster than U of Guelph. If Guelph is closer (as the crow flies) it doesn't mean a thing!!

the math for me is easy 3 weeks today ill be pumped and in my car on my way to guelph with a win the next morning ill be booking my go train ticket to toronto for the following sunday the sunday after that ill be cooking chili wings ribs whatever and getting ready to watch the cats play in the cup

I want a win over Montreal before I start thinking about whether I will be going to Guelph, Toronto or both. I guarantee you that Montreal hasn't given up on the possibility of a home playoff game.

Looking at the RC schedule and they have both weekends 9th&16th as CFL playoffs TBD, nothing else scheduled at the RC in November. So it is possible for the Ticats to play there if they finish first. If they finish second and host a semi against the Als, then maybe they should stay in Guelph.

The one thing that RC does for the Argos is to leave those two playoff weeks open in case the Argos are to host either the Semi or the final.
So RC is available for two weeks of CFL playoffs if needed.
I would think that at this point the Ti Cats should be Gauging the ticket interest for a semi final and eastern final game that would ultimately give them a direction in which venue should be used for either event.
Also gauging the amount of ticket interest would be for Hamilton as the visiting team at RC for the East final.
being prepared ahead of time to make this the best experience for the fans and team on game day is something that was lacking coming into this season and eventually led to the situation at Guelph.

mikem, Go Train or driving to Toronto is boring, dull, hectic most often with traffic and just about anything else negative. Driving to Guelph is a pleasure, I find it relaxing and sort of like a Sunday country drive. And then when you get to Guelph early, you can take a nice walk on the river trail and just enjoy. Perfect for this guy.

Last time in Toronto it was a nice walk on the new waterfront trail all the way out to the Exhibition ground to have a look at BMO Field, then back to the Roundhouse which is a brew pub now just outside the RC. It's the first time I had seen BMO. So much to do and see in that area of Toronto.

No question Toronto does have some nice walks but the traffic is horrible very often I find and it's not a very nice drive from Hamilton compared with Guelph I find and the Go Train I find boring and dull and not always convenient. I'm a country person at heart I must admit though.

Unless the Wiggles need the venue, that is.

But seriously ... Ticat fans would be wise to avoid buying their tickets to the Eastern Final until we see who wins the semi-final. Especially after today's unfortunate spectacle.