Guelph Gryphon-Cats vs Edmonton Smoes

Missing the BYF threads.. but we must still chat on!!

Go Cats GO!!!!

Same idea at the same time, HTD? lol

We've got 2 game threads today, let's use this one.
Cats need to win this
Go Cats

As the ole sayin goes… great minds…


Good start on the strip and fumble recovery...

Good start.. Cats recover the stripped KO

Congi misses..... Smoes start at the 18

RT had some difficulty there... FG coming up.. damn. Bad decision for the 'Smoes...


Uhmmmm… Defense???

10-point swing on the turnover.

This could be a long game!

Hamilton's run defence is pretty sorry.
Last week was just a preview, they're getting ripped on the ground.
The Cats need a DT and an end that can play the run.
Some progress on the O-line would be nice too.

Last year when Edmonton visited, they jumped out to an 8-0 lead, and it got pretty ugly for the Eskimos after that...


Nice.. 2nd and 30.. and they give up a sack... sigh!!!

Hi folks! Not exactly the start to the game I wanted the see...ugh.

Howdy Russ...

No things are not starting off good... this team better pick their shit up!!

Defence and O line totally ineffective so far. What the heck is going on?

We need some SERIOUS extra blocking on whatever side Willis is playing. Perhaps time to bring in Delahunt as TE?