Guelph getting majority of Ticats Games !

Rumour has it from a reliable inside source that the Tiger-Cats will play 6 games at University of Guelph, 1 game at Western, 1 game in Moncton and 1 game at Rogers Centre.

Stay tuned for the offical announcement from your Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

The game in Moncton & the LDC @ Rogers are givens. After that its a toss up between Guelph & London for the bulk of the regular season in my mind. Either is fine with myself.

I think Guelph is a good choice for the majority of the "home" games. But, what's most important for the team (players, coaches, football staff) is where and what they will have to call home day-to-day throughout the season. Will that be at the same site? Or, will something like that other Southern Ontario team has, be set up somewhere in Hamilton?

Well, if the rumors are true, only the Moncton game is out for me. One trip to London is not so bad and Guelph and TO are well within reach. Let's hope it pans out that way.

this comes as a surprise considering Officials at the City and University of Guelph stated previously that it was not feasible:

[b]The team and University of Guelph officials had contact months ago about the possibility of some Tiger-Cats games being played at the school’s Alumni Stadium next season. But both the City of Guelph and U of G officials announced in July that this possibility had been ruled out after considering the economics of such a proposition.[/b]
other issues at hand:
[b]In July, Guelph city council was briefed by staff on the issue. A report sent to council by Colleen Bell, the city’s executive director of community and social services asserted that U of G concluded it would have to provide 12,000 more temporary seats, additional toilets and parking, and guaranteed concession sales – specifically alcohol sales, to stage a game to a standard sought by the team. The rough cost estimates to accommodate those requirements was estimated to be at least $1.5 million, according to the report.

Alumni Stadium has capacity for 7,000.[/b]

hopefully these points of contention can be resolved without undue financial costs to Mr. Young although there will be certain fiscal perils no matter the location for 2013.

Sounds good to me as well even though I would have preferred more London games being from there. But Guelph is closer and is a better fit for most from here no question. :thup:

Strange because U of Guelph said it's a no go.

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If it's one thing we've learned during this stadium debacle, it's: --- Don't believe anything that anybody says.

That's why it won't surprise me when it's announced that the games will be at Mac afterall

And here's a column on that rumour in the Guelph Mercury: ... ove-it-not

And here is a Guelph Mercury article from October 23rd on the possibility that Ticat home games could be played in Guelph, despite that previously being ruled out: ... ph-in-2013

As others have pointed out, it's interesting how it was said that having Ticat home games at Guelph was considered unfeasible by the university, and now we are hearing that it's a possibility that games could be played there. I have even heard scuttlebutt about it being possible that the Ticats will play games at Ron Joyce Stadium, despite McMaster saying it could not be done. But I also heard that both Mac and the Ticats have denied that.

I was thinking that the Ticats would play most of their home games at TD Waterhouse Stadium in London and play neutral site games in places like Moncton. But in any case, I understand that we will find out where this team's home games will be played in 2013 very soon.

Personally, I'd think it would be nice to have 2 games in Moncton...the first on a Sunday, followed by another on the following Friday. That would allow a couple to drive a some "touring around for a week" then drive back for work on Monday. It would be cheaper to play 2 out there back to back and cheaper for those that would plan their holidays around the games.

As for Guelph or London...I don't care...either works for me. As for Skydome???? That's probably a "GIVEN" for the Labour Day game!

I got a bad feeling when watching the Uteck Bowl this pm that the Cats will be playing at Laval. Why are there signs on the sidelines in Quebec City? No other CFL team ads are seen there.

MRX group is involved with the run-up to and the Vanier Cup again this year.

Good point. I was also wondering why the advertisement by the Tiger-Cats; I doubt that they will play many games in Laval,but I will not be surprised if they play a few,particularly games against Als.-Pre-season and regular season-


Hamilton Tiger-Cats are sponsoring he CIS, which i think is GREAT, There giving support to Football in Canada. Bob Young should be commended :thup: I dont see any other CFL team doing this,

Wont happen, even though it woluld be Hamiltons home game. it would be a home game (advantage) for Montreal with all the laval fans.

I also saw the same ad at Ron Joyce Stadium during the Mitchell Bowl game. So I don't think that necessarily means the Ticats will be playing many games there.

A neutral site game at Laval would not surprise me, though.

That would not be a neatral site playing in Montreal in Quebec City for Hamilton :roll: !

You're seeing evil intent when there isn't any. The Cats have to play somewhere next year. If it's London, Moncton, or Quebec City, so be it.
Yes, Bob Young should be commended. Any guy who throws in $30 million into a building he only rents should be honoured by any IWS and Tiger Cat fan.
...and the MRX solutions group represents the CIS, the Vanier Cup, and every CFL team, not just the Cats.

Well, if it were Montreal playing them, then I suppose it would not be considered neutral. And perhaps it would be Montreal playing there as that would be better for attendance there.

But I haven't heard anything about games being played at Laval next year. We'll see, though.