Yikes...bold statement by any team at any time...and laying tickets on the line...does that mean that a season ticket holder gets 4/9ths of their money back on a loss? if they lose, that is more tickets than someone has to get money back.

Guys.... Guys.... GUYS!!!!

Stop the presses!

Do not worry about this dude....

I am guaranteeing a Rider victory lol


next 4 games free…that is what go me…1 free voucher…okay, they have the available capacity and will rock the concessions…4 games…WOW.

oi...I really misread that...1 of the next 4 not each of the next 4. This is really a no lose situation for him with that. Best case...there is extra hype and a packed house with a trickle effect over the next few games. Worst case he gives away vouchers for games which they have the extra capacity for anyways and they make money on concessions they wouldn’t have before.

Yep, the season ticket holders have already paid for their tickets, so giving them an extra ticket won’t cost the Lions anything…only help fill the half-empty stadium and increase concession and merchandise sales at the game. The Leos might lose a bit on some of the walk-up fans who could get a free ticket (instead of buying) but that’s the cost of promoting the game.

BC fans win whether BC win or lose. Every team with excess capacity should offer such a promotion. BC Place was build too large for Vancouver market. Based on recent form, BC should win unless Saskatchewan improves.

The Lions do not get money from concessions, only merchandise. In the agreement between BC Place and the Lions.. there is this written in re: food and drink sales.

"BCPC retains the exclusive right, and shall have the exclusive obligation under this
Agreement, during the Licence Term, to (by itself or through its food and beverage
services contractors), throughout the Stadium including, without limitation, the Premises
and the Hospitality Areas (including the Lions Hospitality Areas), provide, control and
retain all food and beverage services and retain all revenues therefrom including, without
limitation, concessions and catering, the sale of food and alcoholic as well as
non-alcoholic beverages and any revenues and benefits from exclusive rights to
suppliers of food and alcoholic as well as non-alcoholic beverages
. Notwithstanding the
foregoing, the Licensee shall be required to obtain and maintain during the License
Term, host liquor liability insurance as set forth in paragraph 17."

[url=] ... ision.html[/url]

Page 25 of the PDF (page 22 of the actual document)

The Lions blundered a gift horse… They completely overpriced their tickets after the renos

The Lions prices haven't moved much since the renos, their pricing was too high before hand, especially their two lowest price points. Pavco's fees at BC Place and concession prices are a bit ridiculous as well.

Im a full on communist compared to most of you guys,but cant I believe the operating costs for BC Place... What a GD Joke... It costs like 65 million to operate every year and they literally recieve less then 10% in return... It really is the reason that most things end up privatized... A huge joke really.

The move doesn't really make sense to me considering that the Lions have been playing well. It gives added motivation to Saskatchewan more than the Lions.

But aren't concession prices high everywhere?

When I head down to Vancouver for the occasional game I always eat at a restaurant before going to the game.

$65 million does seem high, but according this (, since the new renovations BC Place lost $13 million in 2012-2013 and expected to lose $60-70 from 2015-2016.

Should have demolished BC Place and built a 30-35,000 football/soccer stadium that can expand for Grey Cups etc.

They are, but the two places I've had to pay the most was in Toronto and BC.

Part of the reason for the high concession prices at BC Place is due to the workers being members of the BCGEU. When you get public sector union members handing out pop and hotdogs at probably upwards of $16/h (maybe more).. prices will reflect that.

16 bucks an hour when min wage is 10.25 is not crazy, but agree with where you are pointing with it, and yeah, and in comparison many stadiums operate a significant number of these positions on volunteer basis...crazy.

And Pavco’s customer service is non-existent.

In retrospect - not a good promise :rockin:


I thought it would be 45+

fairly surprised with all of the hype leading up to it. Their best numbers of the season, but still.

I guess the fans knew, You guarantee a win, you WILL lose.