Guarantee Win Game

Since our next home game (after this one)is Labour Day why not have a guarentee win night for the loyal season ticket holders. If the Cats don't win the season ticket holders are offered a discount on next years season tickets. I don't think it is to much to ask considering at this point a win on labour day is all we can ask for.

Hoever I still believe until we are mathmatically out!!

Go Tabbies

apparently posts as above are acceptable on wednesday but not immeaditely after a game. why is that Mr.walsh I am yet to learn Why despite a request saturday.

How about a guarentee 5 wins or the tix are free for current STH? That might make the season interesting at least

Season ticket holders already receive a coupon for two free "ducats" now. So that is really like two "guarantee win" games I guess.

discount, as in charge less money for the same product, not coupons

Something tells me the Cats will never publicly guarantee a win, especially after Mr. Mitchell's little temper tantrum regarding Charles Roberts.

factor the cost of two box seat tickets into the cost of a season ticket package and that sounds like a "bloody discount" to me.

Thats why my generic 5 win gurentee works. No one team can say its personal. I'll change it to an offer of a 10% discount in the event the Cats fail to win 5 games

Its a good deal but thats the full price of a season ticket. Its a discount on the price of 10 individual tickets not a discount on the package

I don’t see how loosing 10% of your gross income from season tickets holders just because you have a poor season, goes to improving your product on the field the next year! Does help keep good players or replace ones who have performed poorly. And as you state, you just want the team to improve.

It would be a selling point if they offer it in April 08 to apply to the won lost record of the 08 season and discount the 09 season. Beside s it would prove once and for all that everyone in the organization is putting aside personal agendas and trying to win

Selling point or not, it does not give the club the much needed capital for the season. If you want to reward the season ticket holders, work out a deal with a major sponsor for a chance at large prizes. They did that years ago, with I believe Panasonic, and drew tickets at half time of a "Fan Appreciation Day". Have a chance at winning a 60" HDTV!

It would be nice to see Bob put the money where it counts instead of silly promos. In fact if he did this and the Cats win 5 or more he stands to make MORE profit

So you would like Bob to put the money where it counts, like keeping good players, instead of silly promos, like 10% discount off next years tickets if they don't 5 games like you suggested. Hmmm, lost me on that one guy!

It actually quite simple, spend less time and money on gimmicks and invest that money in making the team better. If you are getting better there will be no discounts handed out to fans but if you aren't you do. Therefore there is an incentive for the team to work harder at winning. Yes that means that I don't think the team is trying hard enough to win. Our scouting until recently didn't even take a backseat to promotions. We only got a GM after 3 years of not having one. Why? Because business decisions took precedent over football decisions. That cannot happen on a successful team. The football decision has to be just as important as a business decision, in fact it must be understood that football decisions influence business decisions and not the other way around or the team fails bot aesthetically and financially. The best way to tell the fans that is to show us the money or show us the winner. Losing has to be an unacceptable result or you are bound to achieve it. Make every employee be working to make this team better, nothing less. Give a bonus to the employees if we meet football targets. Money is a big motivator, use that motivation to your advantage. So we lose a few sappy contests of free t-shirts. I won't miss them and most people won't if we are winning. Bottom line. Keep your eye on the ball.

Forget the whinning, all the way with Maas, down with the Bummers.

We all get the idea that you want to improve, who doesn't. Building a season ticket base on fans who are happy you win but just as happy if lose because they get back 10% off their deposit if you do, doesn't make sense.

The original post was for a guarantee win game, a promotion that some teams have used in the past. (Ottawa twice if I recall) I don't think it a good idea just because of the money it takes out the team coffers. I don't like the idea of a percentage back for the same reason. Little gimmicks and give aways are usually by sponsors and don't cost the team much if anything.

Like you say "money speaks" and it should all go towards the product and I expect my share to do just that without any expectation of a rebate or a free game at the teams detriment.

I understand that as well but I don't think its that farfetched to only pay for what you are getting. 5 wins in an 18 game schedule is a miserable failure, its not like I'm saying championship or refund. Frankly if the team has to pay out the entire staff should be fired. You have to be able to win 28% of your games no matter how bad you are

Better yet how about a little reverse pyschology,guarantee lose night!If we somehow win free beer and hotdogs all around,but if we lose free admission to the next game!! :roll: :rockin:

Heck, I fully expect to pay the full price for every game I go to. That's part of the deal. However, the team's part of the deal should be to field a competitive team. I won't even say an entertaining team because that's a subjective thing. But, I should be able to expect to see a team that can win its share of games every year and be competitive in all but one or two.

Discounts, free tix, etc. are just smoke to me. Just give me what I'm more than willing to pay for.

An Argo-Cat fan