Guarantee backfires- Riders class of CFL again!


Well CFL admirers one can't deny the truth as it unfolds. I have kept quiet this past few days adhering to the implied better behaviour message from our 'Chief' but a Rider fan has to abandon humility after today's performance on the road in the 'hole in the wall/ceiling' in Vancouver. A few points to ponder reflecting on another Rider win at B.C. Place, our home away from home where even the billboards outside the stadium are Rider fans!

  1. Presidents should NOT guarantee wins = it motivates the opposition and ultimately costs the team financially and credibility.
  2. The Lions are in serious trouble. They could not beat a Rider team who had to play their second string quarterback the entire 2nd half and whom had not played a regular season game. And the Lions defense cannot even cover our offensive tackles when they run pass patterns.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. The score was polite to the Lions. One just has to look at the stats to see how the Riders dominated the game offensively - amazing on the road and most worrisome for the Lions.
  4. Offensive coaching for the Lions is suspect to say the least. No during game adjustments led to terrible offensive stats whereas the Riders adjusted and made some great calls even with a rookie qb at the helm.
  5. The score again was flattering to the Lions. Had Bagg caught the opening 2nd half series bomb, it would have been a blowout and take away one kick-off / punt returner for the Leos - well enough said.
  6. Power football still has a place in the game, even in the CFL. The Lions inability to stop the run was critical.
  7. The Riders can play with any team and now have to be one of the favourites to repeat as Grey Cup champs.
  8. I seriously wonder if the Lions are capable of beating Ottawa in their next game. With Harris on the mend, not much hope for a predictable offence and a team that relies totally on special team punt and field goal returners to provide all of their scoring. Sad to see the Lions sink so below sea level on the wet coast in front of their fans in the hole in the wall/ceiling and in a year they are to host the Grey Cup. Sad as well, is that those fans who turned up today will NOT be able to scalp the free tickets promised if they lost, because there will be no takers.
    Riders Rule
    Lions drool
    Kalif for Mayor! :rockin:

(jabs aside- good to see Lulay healthy again- a classy guy and he will get you some wins. Not Glenn's fault either- he is a competitor too and deserves our respect for his contributions to the CFL and to many team. :rockin:

I don't know how healthy he is... He heaved that ball as hard as he could from mid field and could not reach the 10 yard line... He won't be able to hit any far sideline throws with a weak arm like that

Huge win for us, that is all i will say. :thup:

:cowboy: Labour Day match-ups incredible ones this year!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Financially, nope. Quite the opposite. BC doesn't sell out their stadium so they have tons of room to accommodate. Now take their attendence, subtract the season ticket holders to which a free ticket is nothing to them, subtract the rider fans that have no reason to see another BC game this year and you have a few thousand tickets that they have to "give away". Now factor in that there are probably going to be people there that ordinarily go for a second game, add concession and team swag sales and BC actually makes money.

It would be different in Sask where sell outs are common going into this time of year. There providing free seats would lose revenue.

Agreed, Good win for Saskatchewan, weird Guarantee for BC and like every big game when the pressure is on Kevin Glenn he chokes, he did it in the play offs, in the Grey Cup against Toronto, always will be a question mark on his record the big game when the pressure is on to deliver a Win.

Congrats to the Riders!!

I think many people are missing the point. The sole purpose of the promise was to generate some interest in Vancouver as their attendance has not been what the team needs. If it was taken as a challenge by the fans I am sure it was not by the management of the Riders. The also understand what it takes to generate interest like a billboard.
All the hype probably had very little to do with the outcome. The injury to Durant might have had a lot more.

And the riders put up a billboard disrespecting the lions, turkey baster. You only won by 4 points turkeybaster. And your QB is hurt.

Guess Marketing isn't your thing . That billboard sold tickets as did the free ticket promotion . They wouldn't have gotten close to 30 k if not for the extra marketing .

Are you feeling "basted" yet, skidsteer? :lol: :lol: