Guarantee a Rider win over BC Pussycats

  1. who cares about alaska and
  2. Saskatchewan is going to win because they need it (and they can do it) and they need to knock the Leo's off that squecky clean record

All logic says Lions and I will take it but your team will play well and could win if Nealon has a great game ( he is your weak link) Oh wait that isnt possible. Lions by 14 and Buck Pierce gets in the game to mop up

if turkey's ass wasn't so full of stuffing he'd know that bc will run over sask

Win or lose, without Sask bringing in a more dynamic QB, Sask will slowly erode away the rest of the season; and the Rider Nation will scream bloody murder while demanding that heads roll.

However, nothing will actually happen until Shivers severely kicks Barratt in the a**, and Barratt in turn acknowledges that N. Greene is not the answer. If this does not happen, then Shivers will have to go, Barratt will go, then the discruntled players who are really buds with Barratt will also go, a major rebuilding will take place, and we will revisit the whole issue in a few years from now.

Sound pessimistic? Believe it or not, I bleed green ... and yes I am suffering...

From what Shivers said the other day.It sounds like it also you rider fans are at fault of the riders record.He said all you bandriders get off and on all the time.
That will attract more fans to the game.

Shivers had a bit of a moment there last week. Finally, he directed some of the blame towards the coaching - about time someone else realized that Bellefeuille isn't all he's cracked up to be. Now that it's close to gametime some fans are creeping back out of the woodwork, but where are the rest of you?? C'mon back, guys - we're getting grief all over these threads that we've jumped ship since it started sinking. . .say it ain't so. . .

Don't worry jm02,
If your team wins this week(Big if),all rider fans will be back on the wagon.
If you don't win,then look at the positive.You play the Bombers the following week.
Lets face facts,the only teams you can beat are the Bombers,and the Ti-cats.
I laugh at this rebuilding the riders.It seems every year they are rebuilding.
Oh well,not my team.

What's really laughable is that this was supposed to be year five of a five-year rebuilding plan. Shouldn't everything be done but the shingles by now? Seems to me that this is the five-year plan that takes seven to complete. . .

7 years,try 16 years!!!LOL
Don’t you rider fans get tired of this year after year?
You still support you team.The question I have to ask is WHY?
Is it because you rider fans are not that bright.
Are you suckers for punishment!!!
Your team is the most exciting thing in Saskatchewan.
When will you learn.

I didn’t know you were Russian.
The Americans bought Alaska from Russia.

Hmmm. . .don't see anyone asking why Ottawa fans support their team, and they haven't had much to cheer about prior to this season either. . .perhaps it's because we're their fans? :roll:

Good point,however they have been back for how long now.3,or 4 years.
Your riders have been here how long now.
Ottawa fans are not suckers.Look at their attendence this year.
They know they have no chance of winning it this year.
You rider fans keep on going.
Hats off to you though.
Riders new logo.......BETTER LUCK NEXT YEAR!!!!

BC has not only won every one of their games ... they have "overachieved' in every game by covering the spread ... this is a dominant football team ...

BC outright .. and probably cover the spread as well... Sorry Saskatchewan (and Calgary) ... but you're tied for 3rd ... and LAST with Winnipeg after tonight!

I hope.


They beat us by a touchdown each time.
Hats off to you lions.However you will not make the Western final this year.Edmonton will.You guys may be undefeated,but you will choke in the playoffs like you did last year!!!
Edmonton has better recievers,Q.B.,kicker and the list goes on.
Yes Ray is better than Printers.Until you win the cup,you are a jo blow Q.B. of the CFL.Ray has won the cup.
You better hope printers doesn't play like the last time he was in Saskatchewan.It will be a long game for you lion fans.

Ugh. Things are getting better and better - Mitchell and Bush went down with injuries in practice. Apparently, they're out for tomorrow's game. Still wanna make that guarantee, TurkeyLurkey? :smiley:

Mitchell and bush are out!!
I was going to pick the riders to win.Now I change my mind.Those 2 are all stars.Thanks jm2.I'm sure glad you gave us that update on the riders!!!

Mitchell and Bush are questionable, at least that is what I read, It is not a guarentee that they are out.
And Saskargo do you really think that BC won't make it to the West Final? Right now they are not only making it they are Hosting it. I think chances are pretty damn good BC will be there.

Sorry for the two posts in a row, but I just want to tell you how amped I am for this game. Its my first game that I will get to see live this year. Thats the only problem with my summer job, it keeps me away from Rider Games. I am gonna get really rowdy this game, so if you are in the Uni section say hi to the guy wearing the old school Lancaster jersey. that will be me. And if I don't know what you are talking about, that will be the beer.

Go Riders Go
I bleed Green

BC will likely not only be there, but I think they'll win it, too. At least, they will if they keep rolling on like the football machine they are showing themselves to be right now. I'm keeping my fingers crossed on Mitchell and Bush. My bet would be Mitchell is out, but Bush could still be in. We'll see - nothing's set in stone yet.

I stand corrected ro1313.

On March 30, 1867, Secretary of State William H. Seward signed an agreement with Baron Edouard Stoeckl, the Russian Minister to the United States. The agreement, ceded possession of the vast territory of Alaska to the United States for the sum of $7.2 million.