Guarantee a Rider win over BC Pussycats

Only the brave in sport have guaranteed victories before big games have been played. Joe Namath guaranteeing a Super Bowl win for the Jets, Mark Messier guaranteeing a playoff win for the Rangers etc. etc.

Now, publicly on I, TURKEYBEND, am guaranteeing a Rider victory over the spoiled and over challenged Leos from Vancouver. Should my Riders fail to deliver I will be heard gobbling for two weeks on this site while intermittingly singing Donna Summer's classic " I will survive in English and French and the Beatles "I'm a Loser" over the telephone to anyone on this site who would care to hear my golden voice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Only a stupido hombre would make such a bet unless he was sure his team will prevail. You heard it first, Nealon, Crandell, McCallum and Gainor the Gopher will come through and destroy the previoulsy undefeated Lions and humble them mercilessly. Just you watch folks- only Turkeys can predict the future- honest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Riders Rule
Rider Pride Rule

Riders have as much chace beating the Lions this week as Alaska getting annex by Canada. :mrgreen:

Mr. Turke I'd like to say you're full of dressing, but I have to admit it will be a tough game. The Riders and Taylor field might just have the bitter recipe for the Leos first loss. On the other the Riders might get plucked, stuffed and find themselves rotating on a spit before this one is over. I'm pulling for the Lions, but won't be surprised if they lose this one.

I never knew Canada was about to annex Alaska. Great news for Canada. It will be nice to not have to show a passport to get into that neck of the woods. :smiley:

I still can't believe we sold Alaska to the Americans for a few million bucks. I think they originally offered beads, but hey whats Alaska really worth.

mmmmmmmmm king crab.

Turkey, your not a lone. I smell the upset. That's why I piced Saskatchewan this week.

Jeez, the way the Riders have been playing of late, I wouldnt be too confident of an upset coming, but you never know.

Riders win in a romp!!!

Boldness is next to godliness!

Riders Rule
Rider Pride Rules!!!

I'm with you turkeybend! I will stand behind you and also guarantee a Rider victory this Saturday!

I ain't gauranteeing shit, other then me being at the game, and me being as loud and drunk as I can be.
BUt I do think the Green and white will come through.
After this weekend you will be able to call the riders by their new name, the Lion Tamers.
Cause here in Saskatchewan we head Bob Barkers advice, we neuter and spay all Cats that come to town.

I guarentee a Lions victory. Take that Chris Schultz.

Oh Boy :roll: would think we have a band of gypsies here..too many crystal balls...... :slight_smile:
.I predict a good game Win or Lose if the Riders are competitive I would be happy with a loss...of course I WANT then to win, But I have no idea which Rider team will showup. Contenders or Pretenders?

Only one Rider team in Regina, and they are pretenders..but best of luck to your down and out Home team..

SASK. by 1

The Riders need to hold Antonio Warren to minimal gains, and they should be okay. Without Benefield ( maybe) on the outside that might hurt them a little. There are mismatches between BC's recievers and Rider DB's. The Rider secondary cannot afford to get beat by the big play. They need to keep the play in front of them, and keep Printers in the pocket. Dickenson airs it out more than Printers. It will be a close game. Riders by 7.

Alaska used to be Russian, actually … it was never Canadian or British. I don’t know how much they sold it to the States for (keeping in mind that a few million back then was a LOT of money!) Can you imagine the hernia the collective US would’ve had if Russia had a foothold on the continent during the Cold War? Hehehe …

You know, I just don’t “feel” an upset coming Saskabush’s way. BC is firing on all cylinders; Saskatchewan is not. The Riders had to go into their bye week with some nice losing-streak action, that’s sure to hurt the ego level. They’re bound to be pretty shaky, still - A big play/drive by BC should hurt them badly. I was worried BC would take Hamilton lightly, but they rolled over them. Playing in Saskabush should give them added incentive … Taylor Field will be rocking, so I doubt the Lions’ intensity level is going to be low. Interesting matchup, though - BC’s QB/Receiver combos vs Saskatchewan’s secondary, which is quite good.

It won’t be a cakewalk for BC, by any means … Saskatchewan is desperate, and those are always the most dangerous teams to play. But I do think BC will win it. I just don’t see Saskatchewan beating BC … I don’t see BC losing for a couple of weeks, yet.

As much as I hate to say it.I could see the riders winning this one.
They are hungry for a win.This game doesn't really matter though.It is not like Saskabush will win another 3 games this year.I said at the start of the year,that they would be lucky to win 4.They might beat bombers on next week.Prove me wrong Saskabush,you have Never proven me wrong before!!!

There appears to be a shortage of Clozapine in Saskatchewan judging by the insanity of UnrealRiders and Turkeybend…

It was never Bristh “offically”, have you ever heard of the Britsh Actic Territory?