GSP great win

Congratulations to GSP ! UFC is a better with George back fighting .

I was pleasantly surprised to read that this morning. I thought for sure he'd come up short.

Will be interesting to see what he does next!

Watched the highlights of this fight, wow, I don't watch much of this but it's brutal the way GSP was allowed to keep hitting the guy on the mat with his forearm I think it was, over and over. And blood everywhere. Have to admit it was fun to watch if I'm allowed to say that here but the truth is the truth, it was entertaining to watch this. Hope that doesn't make me a bad person! I don't think anyone on this board would think this but some out there probably think that anyone who likes this stuff is sick. Oh well, is what it is, a legal sport though.

I wouldn't say you are sick for liking it Earl - we have centuries of history of man getting kicks from watching brutality - but it certainly isn't my cup of tea - then again I'm a coffee guy.

I did happen to catch the highlight you refer to where he was hammering the guy's head repeatedly with his forearm/elbow - and in view of what we know from football players health - all I could think of is feeling bad for how many MMA fighters' families - especially kids - will likely lose their loved ones early to CTE. Some have already been diagnosed with it

I hope they think the money is worth it. I sure wouldn't.

Really good chess match of a fight; GSP pressed early, got tired in the third and had his slowness taken advantage of by Bisping; had to eventually get lucky to knock him back; lured his neck open by stepping back briefly as if he was going to deliver a huge hit and then jumped in for the choke. This is why I appreciate MMA.

Hada good feeling that GSP would win - but probably by jumping on BizBang's back and dry-humpin' the guy for 5 rounds - in usual boring GSP style!

But GSP surprised - snuffing out the over-rated Englishman with a rear naked choke until GSP got a promise from Bizzer that there'd be no more Conor & Rowdy Ronda type insults. Great win - hope he's got a couple more fights left in him. Rowdy Dana and whoever owns his league sure need guys like GSP.

Must say - BizBang is an excellent announcer/commentator.

Also surprised the Polish Princess Joanna Violentz got her spunky arse handed to her by under-rated American Rosie - knocked senseless in the first round, the pole's first loss in MMA. Shocking. She suffered the Kurse of Kelly - going on Kelly Ripa a couple days before the fight, showcasing her media skills and playing around with loudmouths Kelly & Ryan Seacrest. Last one that did the Kelly show before getting her head kicked off was Ronda Rousey.

So for GSP - stay away from Kelly Ripa & Seacrest, sir!

No question it's a chess match as you say, almost like in some ways running long distances with hills and the strategies runners use, a lot more going on than meets the eye.

Pat, BTW, I love my coffee as well! But no, I wouldn't pay to watch MMA, not enough of my cup of tea, er coffee.