Grymes-McCoil-Walker big 3 CFL return watch

Aaron Grymes, Dexter McCoil, Derel Walker watch is on.

So far, Grymes has been released and rumor the Eskimos and Blue Bombers are the ones that have contacted his agent.

McCoil and Walker watch is still ON, and rumors that Walker could be returning to the Eskimos and McCoil is high on the Eskimos and Stampeders.

The Eskimos could be the big winners as almost all the elite CFL returnee candidates could be joining the team by the Battle of Alberta rematch.

Eskimos would then be favored to win the regular season division and win the division in the playoffs.


Could be.

Could be.

Man, it must feel great to be the revelator of so many scoops.

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I really don't have a problem with speculative posts, even when they aren't backed up with solid references (or even any references). Everybody should know they are just speculation.

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Could be.

Could be."

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Dexter McCoil, makes Charger team, is a team star player. Had a pick 6 the other night. HIGHLY VALUE PLAYER.
Walker and Grimes did not make rooster. But COULD go practice rooster or try out with another team. Walker will most likely be available.

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Geoff Gray released and report is he has already discussed contract talks with the Blue Bombers if packers dont put him on the PR.

you know I am

Here's a partial list on this site, and add the news on Grymes (destination unknown) and McCoil (made the Chargers) from prior posts below:

So far McCoil is the only player with CFL experience in 2016 who made an NFL roster. Those sure are some seriously long odds for the CFL players going for it in the NFL, but hey I can't fault a man for fighting for his dream.

The bottom line is I think we'll be seeing most of these players back in the CFL.

After a feature on TSN about Bighill and what an awesome game he played the other night with 7 tackles a QB sack, likely makes the teams, the coaches impressed etc…he is released?
Just shows the depth that NFL teams have. But there is a chance he could hang around the practice roster.

He did make practice squad!!! Will eventually get playing time!

2017 Salary Cap Charge: $540,000 for Dexter McCoil Chargers

That was a head scratcher. Bighill played great and I believe led the team in tackles. What else could he do? LOL I'm guessing he'll caqtch on the practice roster in New Orleans

Very true, but still kind of a catch 22 whereby if you don't produce you get cut, and if you do produce you still might get cut because it was against inferior competition???

We can also hope for sake of Bighill's ambition that other teams watched his tape, and it takes only one of them to pull him away from the practice squad for New Orleans onto the other team's roster without the need for a release or trade.

Being reported now that Walker had continued the contract talks as of yesterday with Edmonton and Toronto. He apparently is on his way to Edmonton to sign a contract. The Eskimos are hoping he gets there quick as there were discussions with another NFL team to sign him to the PR but a report is now confirming Walker does not want to be on a PR and is highly interested in signing a deal with the Eskimos.

Great news for Edmonton. Will make the CFL West playoff race that more exciting.