Growing pains on staff

Last week I ripped on the offense because the HC hired a group of buddies who had very little CFL experience. Today's game showed the defense is similarly ill-equiped with regard to any kind of coaching expertise. I have to assume that the DC has some say into personnel decisions and the revolving door secondary has been a big problem all year. Obviously there is some talent on the defense, but the schemes and tactics are not working. Coach O'Neil is obviously over his head and the fans have had to live with his learning on the job this year. That's the sad truth. His success in NFL Europe means nothing when it comes to the three-down version of football.

I think Coach Taaffe may be a good HC, but he inherited a good staff in Montreal and hasn't show the ability to build a staff here yet.

There are NFL cuts out there, so get a stud import to help the pass rush and maybe some of the secondary problems will resolve themselves.

Thank god we have Casey, because now I have a reason to use the rest of my season tickets.

Get down tonight...

I think we will see a new OC and DC next season, and they will come from other CFL teams. The rookie (CFL) co-ordinators have been one of this team's major flaws this season, as reflected in the poor schemes used repeatedly.

As for the thread's opening post, you are bang on re the NFL Europe point. By the end of the first half of the first preseason game, the pace of playcalling in the CFL ought to have been grasped in the line of fire by O'Neil, FFS. IT IS WEEK TEN.

I cannot fathom what I witnessed today.

In comparison, Kavis Reed was decisive. I didn't like a lot of what he did, philosophically speaking, but I respected the fact that he is a straight-up guy who worked hard and tried to put his stamp on the defensive side of the ball. Not much success, but he sure tried.

Fast forward to today.

In my 37 years of watching football conscientiously, I cannot recall ever seeing a coordinator EVER look as clueless and being caught on tape.

Jerome Erdman is a coordinating colossus compared to Ed O'Neil in my books after today. Has to be stated. At least when Erdman went over to no. x import to explain IN-GAME the no-yards rule because the lad had NO CLUE APPARENTLY, Erdman was at least able to show cognitive recognition that a) an arse needed to be covered; b) it was his, and c) this might have a positive effect on future play.

Today? I could have done better half-gunned on a vat of Sangria with an Electronic Quarterback, two semaphore flags, and a translator from Woody Allen's Bananas and I would have been able to signal SOMETHING to Moreno within five seconds! ROFLMFAO

With terrible results, I am sure! I can do Madden games okay...

Is it a fireable situation? Preseason? No problem. Opening Night jitters? No biggie. Game Ten? You tell me.

Dave Easley. Less Browne. Options.

It depends on what Taaffe's toleration level is. I support him if O'Neil is retained if it is made clear that that m.o. of playcalling paralysis can NEVER HAPPEN ON HIS SIDELINE AGAIN.


Oski Wee Wee,

charlie took a risk hireing a bunch of his cronies to be his assistants and now he is suffering for it, they better have a backup plan, and offer big money to experienced CFL guys like danny barrett, less browne, and promote cfl vets like Tracy Ham.