Growing our market

Does anyone know why we do not try and market the team in Buffalo? They are clearly football crazy and really only an hour away? I was down there on Sunday doing some shopping and every store was selling something with the Bills logo on it. Could really grow the Ticat brand


I don't think it works that way . The Niagara Peninsula supports the Sabres and Bills but Buffalo doesn't support our region .


It would be worth trying it for a season or two. Could market ourselves as "Buffalo's other football team" to riff on a old Sabres marketing campaign done here.

Or see if we can pay a cross-promotional celeb to do some endorsements. A Doug Flutie, Adam Mair, Luke/Steve Tasker or Jim Kelly.


In 2004, the caretakers first season, the Cats were giving tickets away at a local big Kitchener/ Waterloo radio station. In 2012 they held a public practice at the University of Waterloo. I always felt they should continue to advertise in the KW area.