Grow CFL Fan Base

And I have to wonder here.

I would figure it is easier and less expensive to pull together to put together a streaming channel available on multiple platforms (i.e. YouTube for starters), and then court various media for exposure from that point given some of your own production, than it was say in 2010 to start your own cable channel and the onerous costs and quite the waiting period for mass awareness (i.e. Oprah, NBCSN, Discovery Network's rebrand H2, FS1, FS2, and various other failed or failing cable channels of the bygone era).

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Good to know DB. :grinning:

Time will tell how the streams evolve. Until a few years ago, Rogers had the rights to USports football, so I think these streams have only developed since then.

And in Quebec, the RSEQ USports games are broadcast on TVA. Maybe some day the other conferences will be able to pull that off.

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Kind of hard to promote when you have reporters like Dave Naylor saying it cost too much to produce programming.

Kind of makes me wonder under what criteria TSN was given a license to be a network.

CBC tried but when they needed some pro content to help pay the bills the other two TSN and Rogers shot them down to the CRTC . Why they just folded and walked instead of just making an adjustment and resubmitting , I dunno .

Headline Sports did try as well and was working for awhile and ended up being taken over by Rogers . They had U sports football for awhile .

Tim Micallef did PBP and had a great voice for calling it .


TSN and Rogers complained because the CBC had the national TV rights for the NHL whom both coveted with Rogers overpaying for the rights later in '14.

If the Canadian Universities made an application to the CRTC, they would undoubtedly be granted a license for a sports network. The Schools would control it's content instead of relying on a crowded network programming


How would they broadcast their games? would they pay the networks or local TV to televise games?
Should they just forget TV and stream games?
Seems to me that universities wouldn't have funding to do this


Hire it's own broadcast crew and announcers. It can start with Tim McCalief.

Get a Gaming website as a sponsor for USPORTs. Do a weekly Gaming show on it's game to bring in more viewers.

USPORTs have the brainiacs in their institutions, they can figure it out

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That’s because they don’t. Starting your own network is quite a large undertaking and requires large investment of money which nobody is willing to make.
Streaming could be an option to start, and there are some partner options which could in theory anyways work. But a full blown network, not a hope in hell.


USports already does streaming of many games, and heck the world is moving toward streaming anyways. By the time they got the funding and infrastructure set up for a network of their own, even more people--especially university age and younger--will be streaming anyways.

They could and should work toward making their streams more professional quality though.


Exactly. Streaming is the future and as you say, they should really focus on making their presentation more professional. Right now it looks pretty crappy- and that’s being nice


Are you kidding, no one would go on a weekday at 1 p.m. come on now.?


Agreed EVM: A noble idea, but "pie in the sky". That said, I do miss televised CIU football.

I wanted to chime in here. I am no marketing expert but visibility for the league seems important.

Its hard to find anything on the league's broadcaster's website front page (TSN) about the league. Lots of stories about trades from the other football league. Usually the only thing recently is about labour issues, if anything at all. Nothing about rookie camps opening up, or the upcoming season. If that is the only national broadcasting partner, why have one. Its website seems no better than Sportsnet.

Also during the season TSN has commercials from and they don't sell CFL stuff. Its like a secret where to buy CFL stuff any other league, you can get it anywhere.

My point is to grow the base you gotta get in their face!!! People need to read about the league news and have places to buy the merch!!! We need positive news too, because there is so much to love about Canadian football at all levels.


TSN is lazy in promotion of the CFL. All they care about is their promotion of IIHF World Hockey Championship once it's regional NHL packages expire


How TSN cannot do a weekly half hour show on the CFL or Canadian football year round is pathetic .

You are the only provider and having a couple talking heads doing a rumour show on the CFL alone is worth the Can /con and pushing your product for the new season ; plus it would get enough views to sell advertisers .

The CFL with the Controversy , the rumour mill , future Canadian stars , old timers what are they doing now etc ..... in a half hour a week would be a breeze .


Especially when Marshall Ferguson does shows on Youtube anyways. It wouldn't take much to do something similar on TSN.


TSN should take the Sports out of their name ans replace it with Sportsdesk to reflect the 18 hours a day that it is their only programming.


The CFL should do a radio channel on Sirius/XM, if TSN doesn't want to be more committed to bring awareness of the CFL. Take the live radio broadcast from Canada Talks channel and put it on a CFL Sirius/XM channel, do a betting show, fantasy show, hot stove show, live call in shows. It's probably cheaper to produce than television


Yes I definitely could see the CFL taking over Canada Talks and then in the off-season filling the time between, say December and mid-April, with what is on that channel plus keep some of the Canada Talks programming regularly all year.

I catch the CFL game or an NHL game regularly on radio in the evenings too (when a game is otherwise not on NHL Radio and the play-by-play statons).

The CFL would buy built-in exposure to existing content and audience and have low production costs for its own shows.

And then keep working on the far better television and streaming presence for the rest of the global media strategy.