Grow CFL Fan Base

  1. Gambling: I go to various Sports Books in the states: Iowa, South Dakota, Missouri and no one is watching the CFL. They’ll take my bet, but there’s many football fans not even realizing there’s another option for there habit.
  2. I know it was tried once; but how about just “one” team in the United States line St Louis where they’ve list an NFL team and the their XFL team has a strong fan base. Very chancy I guess w USFL and if the new XFL ever takes off.
  3. Fanduel bought Fairmont Park horse track in east St Louis to fast track a sports book license in IL. Maybe an organization like fanduel in the St Louis market could eventually bite an a 1 team CFL expansion.
  4. Someway, somehow, tap US market: the non political league. Even if the guys bullshit it. They need to stand for both anthems and while under contract - keep their mouths shut about divisive issues. Whether it’s masks, BLM, US Vs Canada: brand the league as the “Shut up play!” League ie non political, non divisive, inclusive , and forgiving league. The US fans would be intrigued by this message! I mean the Rock of the XFL just pissed me off for commenting on a sensitive issue when he himself has done the same. My absolute favorite CFL quarterback spouts off about an organization that’s currently under investigation over finances, so corrupt, anti family (though few know they removed this from there website), it endorses intimidation, having moved far beyond original well intended message. I’ve forgiven him and many others as still being kids. No matter your position, don’t piss off the fans. That’s attractive!
  5. Back to gambling: form an alliance w a major sports book; maybe Caesars? I have no idea but it wouldn’t surprise me if more was bet on AAF (or whatever that short lived League was called) or XFL per fame then the CFL.
  6. Create a US Presence in border cities: Montreal (and Ottawa) make a presence in VT or upstate NY; Winnipeg should target Grand Forks and Fargo; Hamilton/Toronto target Niagara, Buffalo, Rochester; s as I’d do on. Maybe hot cheerleaders teaming up w Molson Coors like the Miller Lite girls…
  7. Get young people to the games: cheap beers, Pre game concert or half time, 1 free game for a college student &/or Seniors (get their ID and email) on a certain day….make dss as Mn sure that game is fun so they come back. Young people (pretty) attract people as people like to pee watch. And old guys are generally pervs - hot bartenders make more money (yes, I know it’s wrong, unfair, but true). Make it, “the place to be” and to be seen! Find your worst demographic and give them a reason to come but be careful, if that visit isn’t fun, then …. Food trucks and beer! Gotta have a vibe…

Grow your game it’s a great product!

  1. How to retain players longer?

Glad you like the game....some good points, but you lost me near the end.

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  1. I know it was tried once; but how about just “one” team in the United States line St Louis where they’ve list an NFL team and the their XFL team has a strong fan base. Very chancy I guess w USFL and if the new XFL ever takes off.

I wouldn't think about expanding south unless it was an October Grey Cup. Too much competition with college and NFL down there. However if the league was paid a huge amount of money I would have a list of ten cities and only go to one. Not every city is going to be interested in having a CFL team.

"7. Get young people to the games:"

I think it would be interesting if there was some kind of CFL dating app that brought potential couples to the game. Some kind of two for the price of one promotion.


An October Grey Cup is highly unlikely.

Can't worry about what the NFL is doing.

And no to US expansion until the CFL gets their own house in order.


I'll agree that it's unlikely for now which is why I indicated that it wouldn't be done unless someone threw gobs of money at the CFL.


I would move the schedule myself if offered exuberant amount of money :joy::rofl:


So what is our time frame for getting the CFL House in order? 2 or 3 decades? I really do think that putting an expansion team or three in the Northeastern USA or upper Midwest - 12 teams works so much better for gambling and fantasy - there are probably 20 cities in the USA that are better expansion locations than the mythical Halifax CFL team that we have been having hallucinations and dreams about since the 1970s - and the USA TV money 3 teams in the USA gets you on TV and more money than the 200K that the CFL gets from ESPN - No Vegas, no Deep South - no Texas -


There's no clear answer to the time frame.

It can happen in 3-5 years or may not happen at all.

All nine governors need to be on the same page when it comes to changes.

3 community teams, 3 big market teams and the other 3 (Ottawa, Hamilton, Calgary) each of them have their own agenda.

An interesting read Re: expansion

Wikipedia, Canadian Football League in the United States.

Like changing the name to the Canadian Fast Football League would really increase the profile like Pepper Rodgers suggested.

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How that dude got the job is beyond me - if the CFL expanded to the States every coaching hire would need to have a CFL license to coach - CFL experience at some point or a run and shoot type like Jack Pardee -


Art Williams owned the Birmingham Barracudas franchise in the CFL.

Same guy also owned the Tampa Bay Lightning at one point.

Calling Vincent Lacavillier the "Michael Jordan" of hockey.

I guess he's never heard of some guy no 99 named Wayne Gretzky.

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closer to 200 than 20

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Speaking of 'growing' the game... merchandise!

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Sadly the brain trust that is the cfl doesn believe in any type of advertising, promos, etc. if they could partner with NFL advertising people hat would get some expert help.

They’ve partnered with Genius Sports which is partly owned by the NFL. I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt until 2022 season is over. Then I’ll be back to my normal judgemental self.

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CFL fan base is growing all right.

We are all growing older by the day.


I have more agreement than disagreement overall with your proposal, and I like when there is thinking outside the proverbial box or creation of a new box for sake of solutions.

On this particular item, I have heavy disagreement though.

A horse track and associated license is one thing as is a casino or when combined, a "racino" as some are known.

Team sports are a different animal.

It's a bit rich for me already that pro sports owners have stakes in professional gambling ventures dating back to so-called daily fantasy sports via Jerry Jones and Bob Kraft back in 2015.

No way in hell do I want any given gambling venture, or any significant owner thereof say more than 3% or a certain valuation whichever is greater, having an ownership interest in any major professional sports team or even many a minor league affiliate of a major league organization.

Multiple sponsorships as via the NFL with 3 gambling partners, and then many others able to advertise equally and not restricted from doing so during televised coverage, is fine with me otherwise.

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Do you happen to have more information about the ownership stake of the NFL?

I did find the following about an exclusive partnership, which is quite lucrative, but nothing is mentioned about the NFL's ownership.