Grover the Great

Cyberloving brother... 8)

Just to get back on topic, what are your views about Grover?

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Never seen him, so I have no view at all. The glowing is not something I have seen - it’s simply part of his folklore.

Ive been here I think about 12 years and have been an avid reader vs. avid contributor
Grover has always provided an accurate picture of what is happening in Tiger Cat country.
I moved from the "Hammer" to Alberta in 2007 and relied on all of you forum contributors to keep me posted on whats going on here.......thanks Grover for keeping me informed!
And a shout out to all of the other fans who make Our forum the most active! :wink:

All kidding aside, I totally agree. I don’t have time (or the inclination) to follow all those Twitter feeds, or check out all the various news sources, so having Grover post all these relevant news bites is really appreciated. (I think I actually scooped him once. By a couple of minutes. But only once.)

Thanks, Grover.

(And maybe give some thought to changing youravatar to the gif I posted? ;D)

Grover is the man! He's been keeping TiCat fans informed for many years . Thanks again for giving us the real news about our team, in an era of so much fake news and childish banter . The Tiger Cat site is the place to go and Grover is a big reason why.

Pat Lynch ( a big Grover and Homer Simpson fan)

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