Grover the Great

I was thinking this morning... Grover contributes an incredible amount to this forum. He's extremely dedicated at bringing all things Ticat and CFL to us here, and he deserves some recognition.

Let's give him the recognition he deserves. The Ticats and CFL need more fans like him!

Thanks Grover!

I was thinking the exact same thing . Thanks Grover .

Thanks for all your great info Grov. ;D ;D ;D :-*

ditto that

I will go with a 'tritto'? or maybe I should have waited for a double ditto.

Not only is it information he brings, but QUALITY info in a manner even I can understand.

Thanks Grover

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Thx Grover ??

Thanks to you, intrepid forum reporter Grover. :slight_smile:

Grover is the best!

From the title of this thread, I thought it was about THE Grover - Covington, that is... ;D

But I agree, OUR Grover is a great contributor to this site.

I agree..... thanks for the great inside info

i don't normally post anything on this site. I am always on it to read what is going on. I am very appreciative of what Grover puts together for us. Thank you very much Grover i love your posts. Keep up the good work. He is always a class act and represents this site with alot of class.

another "ditto"

Meh. He's ok

Removed a post to keep this from derailing from Grover's greatness. :slight_smile:


Well then, let's dig deeper. What makes him great? What's his origin story? Bitten by a radioactive tiger, perhaps. Or maybe he witnessed his parents being slain by Argonauts as a small child and is sworn to fight suckage ever since.

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You can't escape it , O Great One. ;D

Grover is so great that he glows!

Can I get this thread put under a form of "cyberbullying"?? :-[ :wink: