Grover Covington @ practice

Was pleased to hear that Grover recently attended a Ticats practice and spoke to the troops.He's in town for the wall of honor dinner.The perfect player for Baggs and Hickman to emmulate.


Maybe Baggs could get Grover's permission to do the 6 gun salute after a sack. :lol:

And Baggs and Floyd seemed to be paying close attention to what he had to say, as you can see here:

I love Grover. We had a nice chat with him last time he was here. He is still such a great guy. They could definitely learn a lot from him

Drew's got an interview with him on his blog,

[url=] ... icats.html[/url]

What an amazing interview. Hopefully in the not-too-distant future we'll have nother #77 Covington on the field!!!