Grossly over-used phrases

Last season, the one that bugged me because it was being so over-used, was "breakout game" and "breakout season."

This year, it's. . .

"special teams demon".

Why is it that no one, and I mean no one, has come up with another word to describe a player who performs well on special teams? It's always, always, "demon."

To me it is anything that Rod Black says.


Special Teams Specialist.

Special teams "guru." :x

He's a physical specimen. Only Rod Black could say that with a straight face. :lol: :lol:

Rod's "sack master". :lol:

I was gonna say his infamous "rock hard bod" line.

"Former Saskatchewan Roughrider" they use it so often I am beginning to believe everyone in the league at some point played for the Riders.

That Aussie rules thing from last year was far it has been "big leg" and "sack-master".....gotta love 'Rodisms'.


I agree --- painful to listen to! Sometimes a colour commentator can be funny and creative when butchering the english language particulalry with an accent or western drawl. Like listening to a Newfie for the first time. Dandy Don Meredith, former Dallas Cowboy qb, who was the first colour commentator on Monday Night football was good at this. Rod Black, on the other hand, is someone you would be embarrassed to introduce to your grandmother because she would get bored with him quickly. :rockin: :wink: We love you Rod :wink: :wink: :roll: :lol: :oops: :stuck_out_tongue: : :cowboy:

I would love to hear a Newfie or Cape Bretoner as a colour commentator... Perhaps a Quebecker, might throw out a "Tabernac!" or something once in a while.