Gronk Retires

Could have liked him if he didn’t play for “The Evil Empire”.

Good for him.

9 yr career - last 2 or 3 mostly as a part-time player as injuries and continued nicks took their toll . . .
Good timing to get outta Dodge - plus Tom Terrific is now 42 going on 43 and prolly only has a year or 2 left himself . . .

Gronkowski’s profile and unique personality (plus being nearly 6’7" and 300 lbs.) leaves him 1 natural spot that could pay him almost as much as the Patriots gave him.

Pro Rasslin’

Can u imagine Gronko in the WWE? I can. Bigger than most of the current monsters, especially Bautista & Brock Lesnar - - - both these part-timers are well into their 40s, too!
Gronk only 34/35 - and the beauty of the WWE is he could wrestle injured as the WWE specializes in designing cartoon matches where injured combatants can just keep chugging along.

WWE might offer Gronk a 1 yr deal for $10 million that only involved 5 matches (PPVs) plus 25 interviews and a couple dozen personal appearances. His merch sales could go thru the roof. But first they have to design a cartoon that sees Gronk deliver the scalp of one of the WWE’s most popular campaigners - someone who’s preparing to retire or be fired. Current nominees would be Kane, Kurt Angle, Rock (who puts everyone over), John Cena, Undertaker, possibly even Bautista!

Get him one scalp under his belt and then let him be taught all the nuances, psychology and in-ring dodges that could make him on of their most popular performers!

Gronk was a physical freak who could do it all. Sadly, big, fast guys like him generally run into injury concerns. It’s what’s best for his health.

I really thought that he would retire with Brady and Belichick though. That part surprises me a little. Anyways, this is still the beginning of the end for the Pats dynasty.