Gritty win by the D

Well, only one game into the MB era. It certainly wasn't impressive.

What was imprssive was the play by the D.
4 sacks - Season high I believe
2 int's and a fumble recovery.

And what a job the did against the run. They stepped up big!

The TSN panel disagrees with your take on Bishop, as do I.

I agree with you schooner (if that means anything)! I thought that he managed the game well, but he had a low completion percentage, and I know, I know, it was his first game, but it seems he’s always had that low percentage his whole career. I think that he is a decent qb, but I hope that IF he looses the starting job he can take it like a man. That is my main concern, because if Durant pans out the way I think most fans would like, he could be the starter of the future.

it's only game 1 ... lots of time to improve!

I wasn’t trying to suggest that MB was bad today. All I suggested was that he wasn’t impressive - completions or yardage. After all, he got the win.

But his performance was certainly supported by a very strong defensive showing today.

How could you not be impressed by Bishop? For only being with the team for a week I think he did alright.

The offense looked better than last week, found a way to get Cates a little more involved but the difference really was the defense, they played outstanding.

I still say you go with Durant once he's healthy.

Bishop one-hopped/under-threw as many passes this game as Crandell did last game. The difference is he can make things happen with his legs. The jury is still out obviously but based on what I have seen from him and what I have seen from Durant, I would prefer Durant be the starter.

That being said, Bishop did as well as anyone could with four days practice when it comes to managing the game. And his attitude seems to be good now.

212 yards of offence. 107 yards passing. Dressler out with a concussion. UGLY, UGLY victory. But, hold any team to 6 points and you'll keep winning. Sign Richie Hall to a lifetime contract.

Bishop did not underthrow as many passes as crandell... really. But i think if Bishop remains the starter over a healthy Durant there really is a screwjob going on. Taking all into consideration, Durant seems by far to be the man who deserves to lead the team. I like the sounds of #1 DD, #2 MB, #3 SJ. But i still say Drew Tate is out future ( :stuck_out_tongue: )or if we bring back Rocky!

Durant and Bishop. A good 1 2 punch.

as much as i get scared when we put him in i still think Jyles has potential...

Oh without a doubt.

I think MB had a good game. With only 4 practices with this team, rookie receivers, and wind and rain all game. He did well.

MB will be our starting quarterback. Its his job until he shows he does not deserve it.

DD played quite well in his two career starts but was not spectacular. He did a good job for a rookie quarterback thrown into a tough situation. But he has two games under his belt. We never got to see him long enough to know what he is going to be in future. He also still had some first string receivers to throw the ball to. And Cates had amazing games for both those wins.

This is the worst logic I've ever heard. MB showed he didn't deserve it. He has a knock on him that he doesn't get much better over time.

Durant was only good? By that logic, Bishop must have been terrible today.

Honestly I think Durant probably showed more in his 2 starts (and probably had the numbers to back it up) than Bishop has in all his time in this league.

As long as Durant is nicked, you stick with Bishop, but once Durant is ready to go, he gives you the mobility that Bishop has with a much more accurate ball as well.

I don;t care who is playing qb as long as the team is winning.

Better logic than putting hopes and dreams on a kid who has played two games??