Gritty game, but still a team loss

Credit to Calgary for playing a good game.

The Cats were in it right to the end, but the offense and defense each had their share of problems throughout the game. There were great moments on both sides of the ball, but sadly not enough.

I'm excited about what this young team can accomplish as they continue to grow and develop, especially at QB. Hopefully we can retain key pieces of the puzzle moving forward.

As much as the loss stings, nobody can say the Cats didn't belong there. Calgary has been the class of the league all year, and we took them right to the wire.

Looking forward to watching this team kick ass and take names from day 1 next year.

Good post

Good game, shitty loss. Offence was in the redzone 4 times and only came away with 9 points. Defense gave up points early but settled down a bit in the second half. I know Austin is a conservative coach, but why do you run out the clock with 53 seconds to go in the first half? This is the biggest game of the year, there is no need to be conservative.

Those were some good points that you made in a good post.

As was pointed out by Austin and on TSN, there are some good young players on this team. And if they can keep it together, that would be great. I'm not sure if Steinauer will be hired as the head coach in BC after this one, but it's good to have him here. We may lose a few good players, like Breaux for example. But hopefully the team will build on success it has had. I do believe that Austin can lead this team to a Grey Cup win, possibly more. It just didn't happen this year.

@safetyblitz Agree with you.
Tough loss for a young team who fought hard all season but they will be back and will be better than ever. Collaros will have a much better start next year with the offense and the D can continue to grow :thup: :thup: and get even better especially if Steinauer remains and isn't lured away by BC (hoping not!)
A loss is always a hard to take but the future is bright! I feel better after this GC loss than I did last year.

Me, too.

Hard to execute package without protection. Suspect O-line caught up to HAM. Good defenses expose it and it happened. Shakey blocking too by Prime cost HAM twice in the red zone. Definitely missed Wojt.

Bright side is it's fixable.

And it would be good to have Dyakowski starting again. Filer gets criticized often. Will O'Neill be re-signed?

The younger players on this team should get better as they gain more experienced. I don't remember who on TSN said it, but this Ticat team should be a contender again next year. The foundation sure is there.

Hopefully will have Wojt back next year although I think he was one of the free agents mentioned by Drew a couple of weeks ago and injury may impact his re-signing. Be good to have Pete back on the line though next year. Prime too will get better as this was his first year at a new position (FB) I believe.

Far less to fix than this point last year, imo. Problem areas are far more in focus - O-line and red zone offense.

Chris Schultz made a good point about how the team missing Gable also hurt. Grigsby and Madu weren't bad but it's not easy to replace a player like Gable.

It was also unfortunate that Bulcke was also out for the season. I understand that injuries happen. But it's good to know that the talent is there.

That is a great team they have in Calgary, and it was good to see this Ticat team not make it easy for the Stamps to get the win, as some thought they would.

What about some tweaks on the D Line or the secondary or a little bit of both? Statistically, our Pass Defense wasn't that great all year and we were somewhat torched again in the 1st half yesterday. Stamps' conversion of that 2 and 20 with a 22 yd pass was a dagger.

Youth will bring Championships , keep building never give up ! We must keep our top core group and build around them:

I will give you an example from the other football in the world soccer!
Germany World Cup 2006 youngest team in tournament place 3rd
South Africa World Cup 2010 same core group of players place 3rd again!
Brazil World Cup 2014 same core group of players Finally 1st world Champs!
It took the Germans 12 years of team building and developing top talent they are Fifa Ranked #1 for a reason

Portugal has Ronaldo
Argentina has Messi
And Germany have a TEAM!

We are young and look at what we have achieved ! 2 easternDivisions champs in two years ! and I honestly think if we keep this core group of players and keep building , keep the same coaches in place we WILL BE In Winipeg for GC in 2015

The Front 7 are the class of the League, IMHO. I would be looking for a better DHB to replace Brandon Stewart though. SJ Green beat him like a government mule on the EDF, and he was victimized for a DPI in the EZ last night. FTR, I don't mind him taking that penalty, because there is always the chance of stopping them an a goal-line-stand, turnover, etc. What I DID NOT LIKE was the UR penalty he took on the TD play after; something he has too often this season.